While we’re all in the pursuit for a happy, stress-free living, is it really something that can be achieved? Can everyday worries about work, home and money be avoided so that we don’t get consumed by the overwhelming feeling of tension and distress?

Lucky for us, there are a number of ways in which we can reduce the amount of stress in our everyday lives. It’s important for us to laugh a little, smile a little, instead of being enveloped in the bubble of anxiety. Stress will not only make you mentally drained, but in the long run, it has high chances of leading to ailments and illnesses. So, it’s important to maintain that balance between worrying too much and not caring enough. Living life on an everyday basis is a good way to progress and helps unload the pressure of the future.

The best way to leave behind negativity, bad experiences and worry is to live in the present; to make the moment count. You’re only a product of the thoughts in your head, and thinking is something we all can control.

And how exactly do we stay in equilibrium? Here are a few tips that are sure to make a difference in your life if followed true to word. These tips relax the mind and help it stay far, far away from worry or stress.

  • Bring in the dental control

One of the most important things one can do that is both inexpensive and simple is to smile. A dose of smiling a day combats those waves of anxiety and tension, and keeps those irrational fears at bay. So remember, laugh to let go of stress, smile to keep your spirits up.

  • Move those muscles

Exercising regularly releases those ‘feel-good’ chemicals that rejuvenate both the mind and the body. Though at first this particular point may seem a task, a few days later and you’ll find that you’re full of energy and zest, with your mind being calm and relaxed. Recent research study has shown that people who are physically fit show a much better psychological response to stress and the effect it has on them is greatly reduced.

  • Balance life with food

An essential part in the quest for a stress-free living is the amount and type of food we eat. Too little results in crankiness, yet too much is sure to get you lazy and down. Having a diet that is balanced in all aspects increases the positivity you feel and leads to a much happier mind. Foods rich in Omega 3, such as eggs and walnuts, have a calming effect on the body and mind, and are a great addition to any meal, especially breakfast. And remember, skipping meals will only result in the brain releasing hormones that get you all cranky and tired. Instead, eat portions that are small and light frequently to keep your mind happy.

  • Give yourself a little space

Just like anyone else, sometimes it’s necessary to go into your shell and try to spend a little time with yourself. Accept that you’re not super human and that you can’t do everything at once. Not everything is within your control. The knowledge that you’re not pressurized immediately relaxes your mind and body. You could also take a few minutes to observe the beauty around you in the form of nature. Find that inner Zen in you, that peace and quiet you require.

  • Appreciate those around you

In our daily life of hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget to thank people for the little things in life. If someone holds the door open for you, greet and thank them. If you see an elderly needing someone to cross the road with, help them. A good deed a day keeps the bad karma away, and not only will this brighten up the other person’s day, it also applies to you. You’ll be guaranteed to be in a good mood when the people around you are happy as well, and this in turn will surely keep the stress at bay.

  • stress21

    Put an end to procrastination

No, putting it off for another day is not going to help anyone. The work is only going to pile up and then add pressure, resulting in an increase in your stress levels. Time management is the key to success here and will surely help you keep a more organized schedule that will save you all the worry.

  • Take pleasure in what you do

It’s crucial to do a few things that at the end of the day keep you happy and relaxed. Listen to the tunes you love, or maybe watch the movies you adore. It’s important to do things that keep you happy and positive, resulting in those ‘feel-good’ chemicals being released yet again.

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