Hey y’all

I’ve been hit this flu season, so I’ll be sharing what I’ve been doing to get over it.

Hopefully, with this advice, you guys can either avoid being sick or get better sooner.

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First of all, let’s start with some ways to avoid the common cold!

The common cold is only as common as you’ll let it be! Prevention is better than the cure! Avoid catching bugs and you can easily avoid a week of hell and sneezing.

  • Face masks: If the people around you are coughing, sneezing and spraying germs everywhere, it might be a good idea (to find new friends-just kidding) to slap on a disposable surgical mask!


  • Avoid contact with sick friends: Just like the face masks, the closer you get to someone, the more air you’re sharing. So if a friend who’s down with the flu comes in for a hug, well, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  • Hand sanitizer is your friend: This one’s a bit extra (and not great for anyone with sweaty palms or dry skin) but hand sanitizer’s a pretty good way to kill any virus that comes near you. Or at least 99.9% of whatever tries. It’s a pretty solid bet.


  • Eat well, stay healthy: Bit of a no-brainer, if you’re chowing down on apples and downing bottles of water throughout the day, you’re much less likely to fall sick in comparison to the guy sipping soda with his Maggi mee (no disrespect, I’m honestly more of the latter.) Try eating a fruit or two a day, or at the very least, avoid foods that’re loaded with salt or sugar to avoid dehydrating yourself, because that leads to a weaker immune system.


So, how did handle being bedridden and sick? Let’s see…

I was actually pretty lucky, I only noticed I was sick after sneezing through my tutorials on Friday and when my throat turned into a scratchy, dry box of pain. Yeah.. could’ve definitely used some of that water in retrospect. When I realised I’d fallen sick, I decided to treat myself to a relatively healthy meal with some friends (because I definitely wasn’t going to be heading out over the weekend), downed a bottle of water and fell asleep hoping for the best.

I slept through Saturday, but by Sunday, I was feeling (almost) back to normal. So to cut to the point, I’ll discuss what worked, and what didn’t.


Things that worked:

  • When headachy and feverish: Panadol is your best friend. If your fever breaks 40 or doesn’t clear off after two days, get family or friends to drive you down to a clinic, you don’t want to turn your brains into hot soup.


  • When it feels like the fever is cooking you alive: Turn on the a/c. It might not be what your mom told you to do, but it’s better than losing sleep over a baking-hot room.


  • When everything hurts: Just stay in bed. Losing productivity over one day is much better than a half-cooked assignment you did while high on fever dreams. Besides, it’s the only way you can really beat a viral infection.


  • If you’ve got a lab or tutorial this doesn’t apply to what I did, but it seemed logical to include this. Do show up for it, but remember to stay hydrated and try not to overwork yourself. Paying attention and not dozing off is already pretty good! Same goes for lectures, but if you’ve got good friends that’ll cover you for notes, sleeping the cold off is highly recommended!


Things that did not work:

  • Strepsils = a LIE: I had some Strepsils (maybe more than the recommended amount) to ease my throat on day one and honestly? I feel like they didn’t do much to soothe my throat, besides making me swallow more often. They’re pretty sweet too and made my throat feel more sticky than it already did.


  • A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out: (Points to anyone that caught the reference) Maybe it’s just me, but sleeping under the covers in a hot room didn’t drive off the fever. I kind of felt like I was slowly cooking in my own sweat and well, that’s probably not for the best.


You can do this! Keep calm and sleep through the fever dreams! Stay healthy guys, and see y’all next time.

PS: Just a disclaimer, I’m no healthcare professional, just sharing what I found helpful while I was sick. Please also consult a healthcare professional if you’re not feeling well and you’re unsure of what you’ve got going on. Take care!

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