On an ordinary weekday evening, most people would probably be home after a long day of work or school, but not the 200 attendees of Project Liber8 Presents: White Noise last Thursday.

Human trafficking is a pressing issue worldwide, with it being the second largest industry in the black market after drugs. Despite the seriousness of this matter, it’s still not something often talked about or acted upon. As Malaysia’s first and only youth-driven non-governmental organisation advocating against human trafficking, Project Liber8 strives to raise awareness and encourage action among Malaysians.

White Noise was a night of recognising Project Liber8’s ardent sponsors and partners in this fight for the cause, as well as a follow up for Liber8’s media workshop held in January this year, when content creators were educated on how to advocate via video. Apart from that, there was also a small fundraising for the children of trafficked victims from Suriana Welfare Society, an NGO that advocates for the rights of children-in-crisis.


Funds raised that night went to the Suriana drum circle, a fun and healthy activity for these children. | Source: Project Liber8

The event name, White Noise was to show the resemblance between the voices of trafficking victims and white noise, summed up with this tagline: “Voices often unheard, Experiences often devalued, Presence often questioned”.

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Edgard Kagan graced the event with other U.S. Embassy KL officials, including Cultural Affairs Officer Arend Zwartjes. Other members of civil society organisations, such as Aegile Fernandez, programme director at Tenaganita, and James Nayagam of Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (SUHAKAM) were present as well.

There were exhibitions around the area that exposed to attendees of the event about forms of human trafficking.

Clothes exhibition

This portrayed modern day slavery in the fashion industry, where people are often underpaid and child slavery is common. | Source: Joe Kit Yong


There was a section that attempted to resemble the Red Light District to debunk myths that sex trafficking is the most common form of exploitation. It is actually forced labour. | Source: Joe Kit Yong


This exhibit depicted the ways sex labour is hidden behind the disguise of massage parlours who offers “happy endings“. Not all, but many are trafficked victims. |Source: Joe Kit Yong

Content creators who were part of the workshop and screened their videos that night were TheSaladShow (who collaborated with VikarWorld and CJWorks), Tiiral, Weekenders, Adam Tambakau, and The Fellowship of Pie (TheFOPs).

The night ended with an announcement of the winner— the Weekenders of Limkokwing University who walked away with RM5,000 for being the most viewed and voted video of the night. You can watch it here.


The Limkokwing students. | Source: Project Liber8

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