It was 6.00 p.m. The hall was looking ready. A couple of problems with the wireless microphone system and the logistics of the arrival of the guests were the only things standing between the people and a great night ahead. Small packets of sweets were set up for the guest speakers and the early bird audience members as welcoming gifts. The reception tables were set up, with the volunteers eagerly waiting to receive the audience.

Around 7.00 p.m. the crowd started pouring in, in an orderly fashion of course. Everyone was excited to meet and listen to their favourite speaker, as some on the panel were quite famous among the people. Although the speakers started arriving a little late, the crowd was patient and energetic.

All photos by photographer Tan Wei Shane

The whole panel of guest speakers arrived by 7 30 p.m., with the panel consisting of Ta Ta, Jaydee Lok, Arnold Loh, Reuben Kang, So I’m Jenn and Maggy Wang. Unfortunately, Ruth Ho was not able to make it due to health reasons, but the rest of the panel seemed excited to be there and they were very comfortable with each other which was fun to watch!

After a very professional 10 second countdown video played, starring our very own Radio Monash Malaysia committee members, the night started explosively with confetti poppers! Jeremy Chan and Jennifer Wong gave the opening statements before passing it onto the emcees. Following a quick opening address by the emcees, Jaydee Lok was the first speaker up on stage!




Speaking with genuine enthusiasm, Jaydee told her story about her post-Monash life (yes she is an alumna of Monash University Malaysia) dealing with being an announcer at two different radio stations, her ups and downs in the working world as well as the things she has learned over the years. Being a famous personality, she came off as a very genuine and friendly person in her story, telling us how she was always picking her battles and always be learning new things while being open to new opportunities. Her main takeaway was to always be genuine.





Following her, Reuben Kang was next on stage! A natural comical presence, he instantly captivated everyone by praising Jaydee for her preparedness and telling us how he has not prepared a story. For the next 15 minutes, he had a heart to heart talk with the audience about his true passion for film-making that has fueled him for the past 16 years. A filmmaker and an occasional actor in skits and sketches, he told how he is constantly hustling for his dreams without chasing the fame or money.





After the amazing stories, the crowd dispersed at around 8 10 p.m. for dinner. The crowd and the guest speakers were met with our very own music club for some entertainment. 5 beautiful performances serenaded the audience, with two solo performances by Anuja and three duo performances by Jesh and Ruo Wen. After the lovely songs and dinner, the night of discussion resumed at around 9.00 p.m.




The night continued with a panel of discussion with all the guest speakers, discussing deep and fun questions. Each speaker explored the question with their own perspective, giving insightful comments about their lives and how they really aren’t these big famous “personalities’’ but just people who happened to get famous doing what they really love. The panel also revealed an alternate look into the speakers’ lives with Jenn wanting to be a professional badminton player and Arnold wanting to be a full-time entrepreneur. Along with the discussion, the speakers created fake tension and real banter, keeping it lively and energetic!

The discussion ended with questions from the audience which were submitted anonymously. A serious look into why the Malaysian entertainment industry is not where it could potentially be due to globalization and lack of support for the local talents kicked the question and answer session. An impromptu gorgeous rendition of ‘’I Know I’m Not The Only One” by Jenn and her boyfriend John was met with applause from the audience.

The discussion ended with a token of appreciation gifting session to thank the speakers for attending, followed by a fun photo taking session! The audience dispersed for supper at the end of the night, still holding on to the energetic and lively presence from the beginning of the night!

Truly, it was a very informative and entertaining evening!

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