Week 12/12. It’s almost over.

Congratulations on not killing yourself surviving the semester! It’s been a real tough ride. Often times, I stared down from whatever floor my tutorial was on, calculating to see if I’d break my legs by jumping off the balcony. Anything for that special consideration, ya’feel?

Here’s some fun stuff to do while awaiting your impending doom final exams or grades! I usually do this anyway but doing it when classes aren’t in session just makes me feel a little less guilty about it.

1) Binge watch that TV show/anime you’ve been putting off for 4 years.

If you’re wondering why this is so oddly specific, it’s because I finally started watching a show that has been around for a really long time but never bothered with. You’ll know what it is if you know me personally. Once I like something, it takes over my life momentarily. Just need something to fill THE VOID, ya’know? Starting it right in the middle of the semester probably wasn’t the best idea, but now that the semester is almost over, I can soon freely obsess and fangirl over it!

2) Find local events or go café hopping with friends.

Fun things are best shared! Saving up all that cash; being kiasu when friends decide to go baller for fancy dinners after stressful assignments or midterms usually pay off. Going to fun places also mean you get to spend more time with friends without being stressed about uni! Just make sure you have a car, or get a friend with a car who’s willing to drive ;D


Doesn’t matter if you’re not a hardcore gamer (I’m not even going to bring up the LoL vs. DotA2 dispute), take out your stress on a virtual punching bag instead of another person! Be it controlling your own character in The Sims and killing them in pools or rooms with no ways out, or mindless and effortless games like Cookie Clicker (although the only effort required is a bit annoying and might cause carpal tunnel in your hands). As long as it gets your mind off those stressful 12 weeks!

If you’re still reading up to here (or even reading this article at all), this is my last article for the semester! I may or may not return for another writing gig soon. I still don’t know if any of you read these, but I hope you’ve liked them as much as I enjoyed typing them at lightning speed on my phone’s notes as my dear Editor hounds me down for the draft.


(bless u Ling Jie)

May you do well in your finals and in the rest of your lives.


Until we meet again, reader.

Main Character.

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