Sem break! WOOoooOooOT!!!

Finally, it’s the mid-sem break, which is after Week 9. Monash, please explain. Anyway, let’s get straight to it! What do you do when you’re in a brand new country? Explore, of course! From hiking up Grampians to going snowboarding at Mount Buller, to going for the more commonly traveled places such as the Great Ocean Road and Brighton Beach. There are so many travel plans out there if you prefer going in a group, or you could plan to rent a car with a couple of friends and/or housemates and head out yourselves! Either way, it’s still enjoyable and the views are really to die for.

Mt. Buller




I went up there with a couple of friends. We made the 3 hour journey from Clayton at 3AM. No sleep was had for the next 24 hours so that was a fun experience. Getting up to the mountain was not a big hassle as we were provided with snowchains for the car tyres. The only pain was having to put them on! The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely beautiful. The other pain was that the snow was extremely glaring, so you had to constantly be wearing sunglasses or snowgoggles. We tried out snowboarding and skiing, which is extremely difficult! I salute anyone who is able to slide on a snowboard for longer than 10 seconds without falling down. Skiing, as I imagined, was a whole different ball game. I used muscles I’ve never used before so that was pretty intense.


Mornington Peninsula






Commonly known for its hot springs and beautiful beaches, this little seaside town an hour away from Clayton makes a nice getaway. There were plenty of attractions from Sorrento beach, Arthurs Seat, and Cape Schanck. My housemates and I drove down there with the intention for purely sightseeing. We managed to have a typical fish-n-chips meal to get the true taste of the beach. We made frequent stops at different attractions and spent an average of an hour there just taking pictures and admiring the view.

The Great Ocean Road






*I haven’t personally been here, but 2 of my friends have and these are their opinions about it!

They both joined a tour under New To Melbourne. However, because it was a tour, there was also a schedule which was very time restricting, so my friends couldn’t explore as much as they wanted to. The journey to Twelve Apostles took around 3.5 hours, so basically the whole tour was mostly spent commuting to the tourist spots. However, they couldn’t deny that the view was definitely beautiful and the pictures don’t do it justice when seeing it with your own eyes. They also mentioned how it was pretty crucial for them to have gone with each other, as there wouldn’t be anyone who would be their personal photographers as everyone else is busy taking their own pictures!

Brighton Beach






I went to Brighton Beach right before the semester actually started, but it’s still a pretty nice (albeit overrated) place to visit. It’s convenient to get to by train which probably explains its popularity. The beach houses are definitely the main attractions as it was too cold to even step foot into the water. Each bath house was unique with really beautiful artwork on some, and of course there were some which were just painted in one solid color which gave a nice contrast. Other than that, a few days after we went, the news about the boy whose legs were “eaten alive” came up and needless to say, I became quite traumatized of beaches in general. It’s definitely the place to go for you to take shots that scream “yes, I’m in Melbourne!”

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