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The days went by but the predicted enthusiasm of university life never seeped in. Grades would be disappointing, but even when they were excellent, it was not exciting. The deadness of Nomash would get evident with every passing day but students assumed it was to be expected of the life of an academic. It was one of those moments where you’d have such great expectations about something but when reality has failed you by being the exact opposite, you just accept the reality of it as it is. That would be easier than arguing with reality. Then again, what was reality? The plan of God? The plan of the universe? Karma? Can’t argue with those- they wouldn’t answer you back. Or was reality just another man-made phenomenon that came from smarty-pants over thinking? Rarely did anyone ask “WHY does this suck even when everything is fine”, instead of going with “ah… such is life”.

Saif no longer took naps in the library. Everyone else did. It used to be a great way to dodge half an unimportant lecture for a quick sleeper like him. But every time he napped on campus, he noticed that he had the same recurring dream. It was of the strange woman he saw on his first day. She would be sitting in the middle of the basketball court, her head buried between her knees, crying audibly. Saif would walk up to her to ask her what’s wrong and she would lift her head and wipe her tears. Her despair would swiftly reconfigure to a wicked smile. Then the pale, lean hijabi would transform herself in to Nadia and voluntarily snap her neck in one quick motion. Saif would wake up with a jump. He never told Nadia.

After their initial meet up, Rajvi and Serena really hit it off. Rajvi felt things she never felt before. What was this gorgeous girl doing to her? She never considered being attracted to girls before and always had the hots for tall bearded men. She spent several classes and moments in between with Serena and it made her happier than ever. Serena was a daredevil, unlike Rajvi. She was free spirited and adventurous. She wanted to explore every avenue available and make the best of it. Nevertheless, she shared the same passion as Rajvi for science. When it came to science, their minds were lit with fairly lights and their brains were in heat. Now science was not the only thing they were in heat for.

“Share a blunt with me”, Serena broke the juice break silence.

Rajvi stopped mid sip and pondered as liquid orange dripped down the straw, “Umm..”

She had never smoked marijuana. She was curious about the green stuff people spoke so highly of, but the goody-two-shoes that she was, she was scared and reluctant. Serena read her feelings like a psychic. She grabbed Rajvi’s hand and dragged her past the cafeteria, made a turn and descended a flight of stairs and the two girls found themselves in a creepy room. It was empty and scarcely lit. A few cigarette butts lay scattered across the dirty floor. It seemed like a popular secret spot for when students wanted to “relax”.

Serena fished out the greens rolled up neatly and scrunched at the end. Rajvi examined it without seeming like an idiot. Serena lit it up and inhaled with her eyes closed. An automatic smile flashed, she paused for a few seconds before she breathed out a graceful cloud of smoke. Rajvi looked around in panic to notice any signs of anyone approaching. Serena didn’t care. She leaned against a wall and dragged her back till it hit the floor. She gestured to Rajvi to come sit with her. She brought the blunt next to Rajvi’s lips and the curious kitten took a puff. This wasn’t too bad. Everything was still okay. She didn’t feel anything but that was okay. She just wanted to see what the big deal was.

The two girls took several puffs and Rajvi began to feel a comforting niceness. Serena stared deeply into Rajvi’s eyes. She leaned in and pecked at her cheek. Rajvi didn’t resist, but instead her eyes got bigger and her lips parted. Serena ventured to the partition, one hand on Rajvi’s thigh. Rajvi shut her eyes and kissed her back. She felt Serena’ hand move upwards from her thigh. Rajvi allowed the wanderer to begin exploring her. She hated how right it felt, but there was no time to debate with herself. “Fuck it” she thought as her nerve endings heightened and her muscles clenched. The moment was now and she wanted to be consumed by this sweet smelling exotic princess.

As Rajvi was getting comfortable the girls heard a strange moan. It wasn’t each other. It was a masculine moan and it was definitely coming from the same room. Another moan followed by hushed laughter. It was more than one person. Rajvi felt a harsh tug on her shirt and it was not Serena. The girls leapt to their feet, got decent and hid the greens.

“Who’s there?”




A quick muffled laugh

Rajvi tried to pull Serena towards the stair way and get out of the room. Serena resisted. She had to know what was going on. Rajvi didn’t understand why she had to be so difficult.

There was an abrupt series of vigorous and violent hollow moans. Angry laughter blanketed the moans. Rajvi’s heart beat with fear and she continued to pull Serena’s stubborn hand towards the stairway. The moaning stopped within ten seconds and the girls noticed a flow of liquid emerging from under the staircase. The room was not well lit so it was difficult to make out what it was. It reached Serena’s feet and the muffled laughs stopped forever.

Serena grabbed a can of deodorant from her backpack. She realized it was the worst weapon ever, but she raced towards the underside of the stairs, her feet splashing on the water and checked who the perverts living under the stairway was.

It was empty.

That tipped her off. She rushed up the stairs clutching Rajvi’s hand and embraced the frightened, teary eyed newcomer in a tight hug. Flooded with confusion, anger and fear they headed towards the cafeteria where they could be amongst more people.

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