Week 7, the bane of all Monashians, as assignments start to pile up and mid-semester tests wrecking brains and sleep cycles. Fret not as the break is literally just around the corner.

This week on RMM features, we’ve got our band of unruly behind the scenes writers in the spotlight. After lamenting the lack of publicity except our Facebook page for a year, the writers finally have their own portraits and are finally receiving some flare.

Running this team of unkempt students, keeping us all in line (occasionally with a whip) is our very own RMM editor, (Tuan)g Ling Jie, who’s also the host of Audio Aesthetics happening Fridays 12pm.


Pic of boss from insta here

When asked what the biggest change he would set in motion unto the blog, not in any way indicating the previous write-ups lacked humour, but to interject a more relatable sense of homour and irony into the blog, in a way connecting the readers to the writers. Furthermore, instead of factual stories, news reports, or even gigs reviews, Ling Jie wants to encourage the writing of people from different perspectives and different mindsets. Leave the douche at the door however as quoted by our editor, “bias is inherent but being an [redacted] is optional”, youch.

And first time in my memory of RMM, we’re partnering with MONGA to provide you with more content about YOU. As a blog, Ling Jie shares similar views with MONGA and wants to make it more about the students, about their lives in university, infinitesimal untold stories lurking around every face within campus, just waiting to be seen and explored. All about the students of Monash. Sound interesting huh? Our editor has proposed to MONGA about having a trendy report that’s all about your trends, fashion-wise of course. Coming up first however, is our two-way interview with MONGA’s president, Samuel. Next, the first of our trend reports will be about footwear and the stories behind them. Be prepared cause something’s a-foot.

On the topic of his passion on why the editor position, “it’s a mix of having seen the devil wears prada, Anna Wintour and Wilhelmina from Ugly Betty”. On a more serious note however, he enjoys curating and putting a direction, then seeing how that goes along with the writers’ inputs and eventually come up with something new.

Next, is all about the cast behind our blogs, the writers of RMM

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