RMM or as we are known to the public, Radio Monash Malaysia. We are a student-run online radio station with our very own blog as well. If you were around the foyer anytime last week, you’d have probably heard us giving you a blast from the past way up to the latest hits of today, even songs you have never heard of. Diversity is our game and modesty we might lack. Of course, the question begets, what are we all about? How does it work? Who are we? To which the last question I’d say, we are just like you, students of Monash going about their daily lives. Not forgetting the fact, we spend 2 hours sitting in an underground room talking to ourselves in our very own dungeon, chilling whilst broadcasting frisson to all our listeners.

Now the thought of speaking to the world live might sound daunting and fumble-all-your-words scary, it’s actually not as bad as it seems. Having content prepared and filtered before our shows, everything else is choosing your own music and you’re good to go on air. Ranging from shows about videogames with soundtracks from famous games, to our SoNic show where our hosts chat just about anything, and also an a e s t h e t i c show where smooth jams smother your sensations. Regardless of what you want to say (except explicit content duh), we at RMM like it, we embrace oddities and fantasies. Like the first thing you see on our webpage, what else are you waiting for? Shut up and Press Play.

We too have our very own blog if you didn’t notice @ www.radiomonash.com/blog , where we provide you content about campus events as well as music related happenings outside of campus. Despite the fact that we don’t get our portraits displayed on the main page gdi, a whole group of us work hard not really to come up with quality content every week. Started only 2 semesters ago, and having a strong member list of say seven and increasing, I’d say there’s plenty to look forward to. Stay tuned everyday as we’re expanding our repertoire to blast you violently in entertainment with words.

It doesn’t stop there however, to events like the recent C&S week, or even our campus wide mingle night *wink wink*, up to orientation talks, the emcees and music are our own people! Imagine watching a crowd turning on their Shazams just to catch your chill af song, or telling a pun and making the crowd cringe, really hard…………… Even so, we at RMM, not only host radio shows, we too provide you an opportunity to showcase your talents to the world. Unfortunately, auditions are over and we can’t wait to show you our new announcers and writers! For the first time too, we took in some photographers and graphic designers to bring you fresh and new content just about everyday!

Joke we just play music for the thrill of it

Coming up next Week!

We give you a deeper insight on how a show is run, from the introduction up till the final song. The delicate process of operating SAM, our beautiful, sexy, ravishing, utterly buttons-everywhere-broadcasting-software, and also a little tidbit about our content manager, Chris.

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