Deep down underground somewhere around campus territory. Lies a mysterious door many know of, even walk by it every day. At floor number zero of building 6 lies this not-so-elusive door, with a massive poster staring at every passerby:


What’s Inside tho

Yes! The official Monash Online Broadcasting room (formerly known as The Dungeon) lies within 6001, where our Radio Jockeys (RJs) sit cozily on their asses jamming to beats of their choice whilst bringing you enjoyable content almost all day.


cozy huh?

From only regularly filling half of our slots, this semester, with the high influx of people signing up for tryouts, we’ve decided, why not the whole kit and caboodle, slot every show backed with an amazing repertoire of voices and self-made playlist. Everyday 10am till 6pm (on the exception of Tuesday 10-12) we have our RJs coming to you live right from the dungeon. That means a grand total of 22 amazing talents alone in our RJ department! Just tune in your favorite or even every RJ every weekday @


We don’t even use this


We like graffiti

With this many people, we’d have the need a manager, hence cue Chris.



Having been around for about a year, which is almost a third of RMM’s age, Chris with his trademark hair and a show dedicated to rifling through the internet, picking up the oddest things, tells us his story on joining RMM as well as why he decided to be our content manager.

“What’s so great about being a RMM RJ?”

“Well to me, it’s all about being able to share something I find interesting on air, live to everybody. Just like a gigantic audible share button. The best part however, is that you can force it down everybody who’s tuning in because there’s just no way to change the station except closing your browser.”

Insert gif here

“Well that was swell. What about the choice of being RMM’s content manager?”

“Simple. Nobody else raised their hands when we were picking roles.”

That’s all for this week folks. Next week, a farther insight on the man who keeps us writers in line with and without a whip. This is Radio Monash Malaysia.

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