We’ve all have two or three bookish habits we tend to do while reading good books. Whether they’re something we’re proud of or consider a guilty pleasure, it enhances our joy of reading to have these little details we do. It’s even more fun to find out that someone else does it too! Here are a few I could think of:

1. Sniffing books

This is something super popular which I notice a lot of people LOVE doing. There’s just that one smell books give off that is so pleasing and calming. And the smell of old books? Art.

2. Losing focus and having to reread everything

This happens a lot when you’ve been reading and your mind starts to stray. You keep reading but you weren’t focusing on the words and you’re like “What just happened?” And you have to read that all over again. Sometimes, I imagine a situation within the book involving the characters and lose focus; like my own fanfic inside my head.

3. Focusing too much and not getting anything else done

“Just one more chapter, then I’ll start on my essay”

”Just one more chapter, then I’ll go to bed”

”Just one more chapter, then I’ll do the laundry”

And then BAM it’s the next day.

Similar topics include : “Just one more episode..”

4. Hardcovers > paperbacks

They’re heavier, inconvenient and expensive, but so pretty though! 😍

5. Wrapping covers

Many bookworms take a lot of effort into preserving their book and making it look brand new. Some people even wrap their book covers to avoid them from getting dirty.

6. Spoiling the cover

This one is more me. I prefer a book that’s been used. I like books that look like the reader has lived through the story. I don’t mind damaged covers, bent pages. I even crack the spine to break it in.

7. Collecting bookmarks

Keeping a collection of fancy bookmarks you’ve collecting from many places. (But end up using an old receipt to keep track of your pages)

8. Saying “the book was better than the movie”

Because sometimes it’s just true. My own theory for this is that when you read a book, you have a specific idea of what happens. You have your idea of what the character looks like, what the places look like and how things happen. You have your own pictures inside your head. So when the movie gives you a specific set of pictures, they often clash with what you have imagined.

Nevertheless, it’s still very exciting to know a book you loved is being turned into a movie!

9. Visiting used bookshops

I love the idea of pre-loved books. Someone else had their adventure and now it’s my turn. Someone else lived through this book before me. Also, they’re a lot cheaper!

10. Impulse buying

Guilty!! I spend hours browsing through bookshops and buy all these books that seem super interesting that i never planned on buying in the first place. I just can’t help it sometimes!! These books will eventually add on to the huge pile of unread books i have waiting for me at home.

(Side note: Please do not do this with animals. Do not impulse buy pets!!)

11. Giving recommendations nobody asked for

When I read a good book, I rave about it for DAYS convincing everyone to read it and enjoy what I just enjoyed!! (By the way, my favourite books include Throne of Glass, All the Light We Cannot See, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I’ll Give You The Sun and Anne Frank’s Diary)

What are some bookish habits I missed?

Hope everyone has a good week!!


Noreen 🌻💕

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