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Considering how the semester is coming to an end, I take it that most readers would be preoccupied with more important things than reading my funky (and probably also crap) articles on video games. So I figured to keep things simple this time around. I figured I may as well talk about an interesting aspect of the way I play video games, and how it’s interesting that different people have different approach to the simple act of getting engaged with video gaming.

A day in the (video gaming) life of ArcticLyrae

The general gist of my gaming routine may sound somewhat unusual for some, but it does seem to make sense in my head. It keeps my perspective open and fresh, ensuring that I don’t bore myself to death alongside everything else in my life. Basically, what this means is that I usually approach playing games by selecting a few, new or old, and arrange that into some sort of time period. Confused, don’t be, it’s less insane than you might believe. How about an example:

At the point of me writing this, I am currently engaged with playing several games, namely: Monster Hunter Generations, Team Fortress 2, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and Pokemon Uranium. In addition, I recently completed Danganronpa, and will soon be trying out Oxenfree.

Have you found a pattern/logic to this madness yet? No? It’s simple really, the idea here is to ensure that I am playing a variety of games, composed of different genres with different gameplay mechanics. For instance, SMT IV and Pokemon Uranium are my JRPG fix, which I will very slowly trundle along with, as each will likely take upwards of 20+ hours to complete, with a definite end. I always leave at least 1 of these kinds of games boiling on the stove, so that I have a long game that I can aspire to complete eventually. On the other hand, I usually also ensure that I have at least 1 multiplayer comfort game, which at the moment is Team Fortress 2, a game that allows me to just sit back and relax, playing with some random people on the Internet. Then to make things interesting I’ll try to always seek one at least 1 ‘unique’ or otherwise cool game that I wanted to try out. This can be any type of game really, just as long as it’s something that I was looking forward to really trying out. Danganronpa, the first game of the larger Danganronpa franchise was the last one (which I enjoyed thoroughly, and would recommend), which I finished last week, and now it’s going to be Oxenfree (I guess I’m in a story kinda’ mood or something).

All the games are bleeding into ooonnneeee……


You starting to get it yet? I usually find it odd for some other individuals to only be absolutely focused on playing maybe up to 3 games at any one time, and will refuse to go past that number. I of course understand that many individuals have other commitments that may limit their options, such as many in working life, and of course, e-sports athletes come to mind, as they usually focus on playing their e-sport game for practice, and rarely play much else by comparison. Don’t believe me? DOTA 2 professional SumaiL mentions in an interview how he’s video game exposure is basically little more than DOTA 2, and less than 5 other games in his whole life (though I suspect this doesn’t include mobile titles). While SumaiL hardly represents the majority, I just think that it’s rather interesting to think about the way people approach playing video games.

So with that, I leave you with a question: What is your approach to video games? Do you binge on a single game until you have squeezed it dry? How about juggling a couple of titles around at any one time like I do? Maybe you don’t play video games much at all and I’m very confused as to why you are reading this blog, but to each their own.

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“ArcticLyrae is a 3rd-year Monash University Malaysia undergraduate with great enthusiasm for all things related to gaming and its many forms. He is the Game Master of Monash Gaming Society and writes articles for Radio Monash Malaysia covering various gaming-related discussions in his weekly section, The HotSeat.”

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