The best club or the worst club? Let’s find out!

Not as kiddy as this but you get the point.

Looking back, I cannot believe it has been two months since I joined Radio Monash Malaysia. During the Clubs and Societies week, I remember walking around seeing typical clubs like sports, singing and gaming clubs. But none of them can compare to the uniqueness of Radio Monash. And I can say joining this club was one of the best decisions I made. So if you are like me at the start wondering, “What in the world is Radio Monash?” , here is a brief introduction to the club itself! (with a pinch of opinions)

Who are we?

Long story short, we are made of a wide diversity of Monash students across campus. From the Art Students who are always frustrated of their work to the last minute NotlikeThis Engineering Students. Our club is aimed to encourage students to enjoy themselves and experience what it is like being an Announcer (The main attraction). We also encourage everyone to have their voice projected out by being a writer as well! Or take nice pictures as a phtographer and make our website look fancy as a Graphic Designer.

Well, Interested in joining us this/next sem? Wondering what positions you can apply in this astonishing club? I gotcha covered homie. Here are the positions we have avaliable!

1. Radio Announcer (AKA the reason why you even are interested.)


The studio with our Friday DJ, Jo from GiJo!

The Dungeon. The grave of our enemies. Where we hide our weed stash. The land of the cockroaches. As a radio announcer, your job is to blast(?) out your opinions and play some SICK BEATSIES to everyone in Monash! You will be making your show revolve around a certain theme (or not?) and pray someone listens to you let your listeners have a fun time!

Disclaimer: No topics that will make the general audience feel uncomfortable (e.g. sensitive topics), no swears on the show (or your music [just censorn them bruh]) and you never know who’s listening!

2. Writer (We like to write about stuff. )


Our writers are shy and fled in the presence of the camera

Well, there is no proper workplace for our writers because you can do it in our online dashboard! (which means you can do it any where you want!). As a writer, your goal is to make readers smile, feel / change their mind on a certain topic. Your article will be posted on the website once it is completed and approved!

Disclaimer: Same thing as Radio Announcers.

3. Photographers (Pictures are nice.)

Everywhere is a workplace for a photohgrapher. So here is some photographers taking pictures from google.

They’re a fairly new addition to the Radio team! So far they’ve blessed us with a new cover photo that’s doesn’t only consist of 2 active members in the station.

4. Graphics Designer (Hey, that looks good).

Image result for graphic designer

New ideas Pogchamp

Think our design for out webpage ( is utter trash? Well why not make it better by becoming a graphics designer? You can edit and beautify the page into a masterpiece even Mona Lisa would be jealous of (maybe)

5. Opinions. (Oh boy, here come the pitchforks.)

Let me put this up first.


Well with that out of the way, and me risking being fired by my boss (mercy pls) since I might talk about inappropriate subjects, let’s start!

For those who do not know, I am an radio announcer and writer in this club and just in case someone is searching the archives for info about the club, here are some bits for you!

Honestly, I cannot pinpoint anything BAD about the club. The comittee is great, we play good music, and have feelsgood times together occasionally (like having dinner together and stuff). If you are REALLY interested in joining the club, don’t hesitate! You will have a very fun time in this club as you talk on air and blast your LIT playlist for all monashians to hear. And possibly discover a new genre you will fall in love with!

But do consider the amount of workload you have when applying for this club or any club in general. As this club is more active than most clubs, you will have to bear responsibility if you get your own show. A show will be conducted every week and you will have to submit a topic at hand to the producer. Similiarly for a writer. So do take that into consideration when applying for any clubs in campus 🙂

Oh yeah, and lastly the announcer audition. Tips? Just be yourself! Don’t panic or sound quirky or tense and you should pass with flying colours.

And that is the end of this article. I’m gonna go now and study for finals.


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