houseWhether you’re moving to a new house, or are just in the mood for a little revamping of your dorm, bringing in positive energy to your abode is the first thing that should be on everyone’s mind.

While the term may be vague, there are quite a few things that can be done to make your room much more bright, friendly and happy – in other words, a house filled with positivity. Whether it’s fixing things that are broken, or painting the walls of the room, each aspect brings in good and positive energy into the room, and into your life.

With the stress of life and work (Uni, we’re looking at you), it’s always nice to come back to a house that radiates warmth and love, and following are a few ways in which you can bring in this positive vibe.

Space and Cleanliness

The clutter in your household may be one of the main factors affecting the vibe you get, so the first thing you need to make sure is that you’re clutter free – in all its sense.

Getting rid of these items not only makes you feel so much lighter, but also allows positive energy to enter your room. Doesn’t a clean, airy room always make you feel calmer and more energized?

Literally, untidy and unorganized clutter just sucks out the energy not only from you but from the space itself, so maintaining a clean abode is a good way to deal with this.

Nature and Air

house1As we all know, nature always brings a sense of peace and tranquility, and this is especially needed in our hectic schedules. Having a few potted plants placed around the room act as great decoration and bring in positivity. Research has even shown that viewing the beauty of nature reduces stress and anger and increases feelings of pleasure and happiness.

So make sure to have nature as a vital part in the decoration of your area. Green houseplants, paintings of scenery, a bamboo chime or two, all add up to bringing in positive feelings.

The air quality is also very important. Make sure to have your air-con filters regularly cleaned, and it’s always good to let in fresh air into the rooms every day. This bright and airy room will lift your spirits within minutes and keep you feeling good for the rest of the day, and an added plus is the health benefits related to breathing in fresh and clean air.


Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or living room, the colour scheme of the room is always important. Colours are largely linked to emotions, so the brighter and happier the colour, the same will apply to your mood.

It’s great to have bright, happy colours, but like with everything, an abundance of the colour might leave you feeling bored and, to be honest, sick of the colour. Maintaining a balance between colours adds depth to your interior decoration, and allows positive energy to swirl around the house.

Here’s a quick summary of the various colours and what they entail. It’s great to keep this in mind when interior decorating.

  • Reds

Red signifies passion, romance, action and celebration. However, an abundance of this colour results in stress and anger.

  • Blues

house3Blue is a very calming and peaceful colour, and attracts positive energy. But make sure to avoid too much as the colour, especially deep blue or indigo, can result in depressive thoughts.

  • Greens

A great way to incorporate nature, as the colour green indicates healing and nurture, but too much can induce laziness.

  • Oranges

Orange is a very warm and enthusiastic colour, but everything orange causes restlessness and anxiety.

  • Yellows

Yellow invites joy and happiness, but overdoing it can bring in feelings of uncertainty.

  • Purples

Purple is great for inspiration and confidence, yet too much can even bring in sorrowful feelings and sadness.

Lighting And Furniture

Lighting greatly influences the energy in the rooms, so make sure that you have proper lighting to bring in positive energy. It’s best to go for bright lights that give a natural and light feeling. Dark spaces result in feelings of depression and low self-esteem, so go for lights that add in vibrance to the rooms of the house.

Full spectrum and LED light bulbs are advisable as they give a ‘natural’ feel. Adding lamp-shades and hangings provide light and are great decorating ideas as well.

Make sure that the furniture in your house is not cluttered all together. Energy needs a path to flow, and arranging your furniture to make not make it over-crowded is a great way to bring in positive energy.

Also, mirrors reflect on the positivity of the house, so add in a few mirrors where you find it suitable. Not only does it look good, it brings in good as well.


Stock up on ‘happy food’ – food that buzzes with energy and keeps you energized throughout the day. It’s always nice to see a pantry full of food.

Fill your home with music. Music is a great way to be more relaxed and helps in feeling warm and tranquil.

Make your room smell – in the good sense of course. Bring in some fresh flowers that keep your space smelling clean and natural.

Fix anything in the room that is either broken, dripping, leaking or creaking. (We always have the maintenance team for that!)

Have pictures and paintings of your loved ones or happy memories. This not only reminds you of your good fortune, but also brings in great positive vibes.

Have a few inspirational books around the place for a little boost.

At the end of the day, it’s important to come back to a room that makes you happy, and this can be done when the house itself thrives on positive energy. These are just a few ways in which you can bring in positivity, and this will result in a balanced, happy and relaxed life.

Remember, a positive home, makes for a happy family. Or, in this case, a happy university student!

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