I sat in Audi 1, the wide space reverberating along with the thump thump thump of the drums and cymbals and gongs that accompanied a lion dance, wishing I was outside, enjoying the celebration happening just a few steps above me.

Hence, the 2-day One World Festival officially began!

On that fateful Wednesday, 23rd September, RMM’s resident photographer—Fatyn and I, scouted along the foyer to check out what’s good.

The festival was mainly supported by MUISS, AIESEC and our very own radio jockeys emcee-d the event. 15 booths of various countries made up the Global Village, some being manned by the country representatives themselves and some by AIESEC ambassadors.

At every booth, students were given various challenges in order to gain a stamp (as pictured below). Students who collected all stamps were entitled to participate in a lucrative lucky draw.


Unlike Aladdin, I don’t have a magical carpet to show you the world, but imma give it my best shot. Let us embark on this ~diverse~ journey together!

giphy (7)


First off we visited the Vietnam booth, where we learnt about the Non la, the traditional conical hat commonly used by rice farmers. We also got to take a whiff of Vietnam’s fish sauce, which is very much different from our local one.


The AIESEC ambassador explaining the ‘Non la’ to us

At the Poland booth, we earned our stamps by participating in an egg painting session, in which I showcase my very terrible painting skills.


At the China booth, we got our fortunes told. They were cryptic, as per usual. “Beware of gossip! Not all you hear is true!”


Picture9 Picture10

The African reps have a question for you: is South Africa a continent, or a country?


Halfway through the event, Fatyn and I were pulled out from the Global Village to watch what was happening on stage. Sure enough, the Indian reps were putting on an exceptional dance for everyone!


We resumed our quest at the Maldives booth, where we were presented with the challenge of writing our names in their national language, Dhivehi.

Picture5 Picture7


At the Middle Eastern booth, we learnt about how headscarf patterns vary from country to country in the Middle East and also the distinction between modern and traditional style headscarves. Bottom line is: the modern ones are fancier (as pictured below) and the traditional ones are more understated. We also got to try some hummus and murtabal!



all smiles from the Middle Eastern rep, donning the shemagh and thobe!

all smiles from the Middle Eastern rep, donning the shemagh and thobe!

Here we have a pair of lovely Japanese ladies posing with a paper umbrella at their booth!


We made our way to the Pakistani booth, where we were given a taste of a mouthwatering Pakistani delicacy—Pani Puri, which bursts into an explosion of both sweet and sour as you bite down on it.

Picture20 Picture21

Meanwhile at the India booth, we were blindfolded, then challenged to place a pin as best as we can at the centre of the chakra (that’s the wheel pictured in the middle of the Indian flag!)


the Indian reps donning their kurti tops for the event

Last but not least, our very own RMM reps emcee-ing the event!


Overall, the event was a successful one—after all, what’s not to love about colourful food, clothing, and people?

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