Because she got tired of being ostracized and villainized by the media and public that she killed herself.

Oh, you hate Taylor Swift? That’s not new. Everyone hates Taylor Swift, for one reason or another – none at all. But do you hate Taylor Swift for a specific reason, or because you’re just following the trend of hating Taylor Swift? Which one is it?

What has she ever done wrong to warrant your hate for her? Or better yet, what has she ever done right that you have wilfully ignored because you are sexist and you cannot stand the idea of a female, blonde, and young artist being more successful than your favorite male artist?


There once was a girl who moved to Nashville to pursue her musical dream, became the youngest artist to sign with Sony, and produced a self-titled debut album that landed her at the top of the charts for weeks. There once was a girl who was talented enough to write almost every single song on each of her album, and all of them were beautiful and melodic. There once was a girl who was recognized for her talent and won many awards, only to have one of them being upstaged by a sexist Trump supporting rapper who got butt hurt.

There now is a woman who is tired and so done with the media and the public’s crap about her that she made an album about her reputation.

She has been called many things: snake, fake, unworthy, untalented, slut, whore, bitch, thief, greedy, Trump supporter etc., and her first single from her new album calls out every single that the media and the public has said about and called her. And it is marvelous.

She tried shaking it off, but the media and y’all just wouldn’t leave her alone, so why not embrace it and make music out of it?


Don’t complain about her new music being completely different from her old one. Don’t complain about her being vindictive and unforgiving. Don’t complain about her no longer being the sunshiney artist that she used to be. Don’t complain at all.

Impressed, is what you should be. Taylor Swift managed to write and produce a diss track without so much as a curse word. Ask Big Sean. Ask 50 Cent. Or better yet, ask Kanye West. Will they be able to do the same thing with their music?

Everyone has their limits, and the same goes to Taylor Swift. She has reached her tipping point, and do you really blame her? For years, she has had to endure a tremendous amount of hate for absolutely nothing and everything. For years, she has had to keep her views to herself because everything she says can easily be taken out of context – the media is extremely good at that. For years, she kept quiet and mum and she took everything everyone threw at her in stride.

Now, she’s blown up. And y’all are still complaining? She had to kill her old personality to cater to the media’s perception of her. She has gone to such a point where she meets everything head on, rather than ignore it.

So yeah, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. There is no more shaking it off, no more country music, no more songs about fairytale love stories with Romeo and Juliet ended up getting married. She’s done with that, and she’s coming back with a vengeance.

And nobody but the media and the public did that.

“What happened to Taylor?”

“Don’t pretend to be a good rapper.”

“Ugh, I miss the old Taylor.”


If you miss the old Taylor that much, go listen to her previous albums. She has four of them.

I, for one, am going to sit here, and relish in the utter bitterness that she’s poured into her album. And I’m gonna be proud of this woman for finally standing up for herself.

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