I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Goodreads app. I’ve been using the app for years and I’ve noticed that there’s been a 50-50 kind of view on it. Some people love it, others give up on it. I think I have the same 50-50 view on it, but I’m still a loyal user to this day.

In case you haven’t heard of it or are unsure of what it is, Goodreads is sort of like Letterboxd for books. You can log the books you’ve read or want to read and you can create bookshelves of your own, where you collect book titles. I personally have a ‘favourites’ bookshelf, a ‘books I don’t like’ bookshelf and a ‘books that made me cry’ bookshelf. Other than that, I keep bookshelves for every year to keep record of when I read each book. And unlike physical bookshelves (which are undefeated in terms of aesthetic), your Goodreads bookshelves can hold multiple copies of the same book on each shelf.

Other than that, you can look up other books to find out info on it and see reviews and ratings others have given. You can also add friends and see what books they’re reading as well!

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One particular reason that I begun to dislike this app was because I felt like it stunted my reading habit a little bit. In the past, my favourite books have been found through friend recommendations and random choices from bookstores. But due to books being kinda pricey, I didn’t want to risk buying an expensive book only to find that I don’t like it, right? So I went to Goodreads. Every time I was uncertain of a book, I would check the ratings. If it got low ratings, I wouldn’t get it but if it was rated well, I would give it a try. Ever since I begun this habit, I haven’t come across a single book I would consider a favourite. The last time I absolutely loved a book was through a friends recommendation, never through Goodreads.

I also noticed that many books I loved didn’t get rated well on Goodreads, and books that were highly rated, I often found average.

Apart from that, I used to love re-reading good books. But I started participating in the Goodreads challenge, where you challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books for that year. Since then, I’ve felt so pressured to do this, that I don’t get the enjoyment of re-reading my favourite books.

although on the other hand, Goodreads has helped in so many ways. I wish i had a record of the books i read as a kid, but i never took that initiative. So goodreads helps me keep track of the books I’ve read. I can leave reviews and jot down my thoughts on the book. I can also keep progress of the book I’m reading, in case I put it down for too long, I can always check my own logs to update myself on what happened where I left off. I get to interact with other book lovers as well. The internet really has made our lives easier, hasn’t it?

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Lots of love,

Noreen 🌻💕

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