I write with urgency at my desk. Fresh out of the shower with blistered feet and knees scraped from a crash with the unforgiving astroturf. I intend to remember this.

Alright, enough with the dramatic entrances. Let’s talk about this event!


Wednesday 25th July, 12:00 PM

Josh, one of the arts reps, and I spend half an hour discussing ideas for the sports night mixer. Ideas are tossed around and swiftly trashed. Badminton? Not enough social interaction going on there. Basketball? Booking the court with Monash cup around the corner? Nope. But after a while, we settle on dodgeball and captain ball from 6 to 8. Maybe have a break for snacks in between. Teams of 8. And we’d figure out the sorting business when the event was closer. Prizes? We’d probably buy a hamper or make one ourselves. Details like that could be settled later. Content with a solid enough plan we’d hopefully stick to, I left the MUSA lounge satisfied and excited.


Tuesday 21st August, 4:30 PM

I’m at the MUSA lounge with Ethan and some of the SASS subcommittee piling bubbly fruit juice and candy and miscellaneous food items into a cardboard box that’ll be given to the winning team. In my head, I’m wondering if we’ll have enough people showing up to have a winning team. Of course, we remain optimistic and hope that more students show up than the Google forms let on. I check with the others where the captain ball and dodgeball equipment is kept and double check that Google form again. 8 participants. Oof.


Tuesday 21st August, 5:30 PM

Setting up an event is hard when half the supplies are locked in the office and nobody has the keys. Despite that, my friends and I set up a field with captain ball chairs and pull out a volleyball from the box of dodgeballs we managed to find. A game of volleyball starts on the field and the branches of nearby trees end up becoming casualties in the line of fire. Oops.


Tuesday 21st August, 6:00 PM

The office is unlocked and we scramble to set the rest of the cones up for a game of captain ball. The thought of registration and teams flies out the window. It’s 6:15 and the impromptu game of volleyball between science subcoms, Howard from engineering and a few arts students continues on. There’s something to be said about the best-laid plans going to waste but I shrug and call everyone together to explain the rules of captain ball.

Along the way, more people are joining and it occurs to me that this event, while it’s not the 4 teams of 8 I’d hoped for, wasn’t flopping. I blink the thought away and continue chasing the ball.

An hour and a half, and many bystanders-being-called-in-to-play-captain-ball later, we’ve got two full teams of 8 battling to score arbitrary points nobody’s keeping track of. It’s mindless and kinda sweaty but it’s probably the most fun I’ve had since the holidays, and the most sports I’ve done since much-longer-ago.

We call for a snack break by 8:00 and bring down the box of food we’d planned to give away to the winners and decide on the spot that everyone’s a winner. Pigging out ensued and with that, the event came to a close. People started to leave in groups and soon after, we started to clean up the field.


Tuesday 21st August, as I’m writing this

So, maybe I won’t remember everything, that’d be impossible. And I certainly won’t remember who scored which goal, or who dropped the ball when or any of the minutiae of the moment. That isn’t important. What I probably will remember (and get jiwang about at the end of the year) is watching my dumb friends dive into the ground to save a ball, only to watch it roll out of the court and go to the other team, or how I met some pretty cool arts students that are pretty darn good at captain ball.

This wasn’t the official, neatly organized down-to-the-minute event I had pored over with Josh weeks ago in a noisy corner of the MUSA student lounge, it was probably better. It accomplished what we had set out to do with half the effort.



Tl;dr: I helped plan an event I was worried would crash and burn into the ground. I was pleasantly surprised by an evening of sweaty fun and sports with friends, some I’d dragged along to join and some I’d met there and then. All in all? An absolute success.

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