5 days left till Alliance Music Festival is coming and I hope everyone has figured out his or her outfit! If not, look back into one of the posts that I wrote on music festival outfits here. With that being said, let’s move on to makeup and accessories to complete your whole outfit.

Glittery eyes


Credits : Chrisspy Youtuber

Since the event will be at night, it’s time to let your eyelids shine! Pop some glittery eye shadow all over your lids to let it sparkle and it will look extremely beautiful when the colourful lights hit your face and in return, the glitter on your eyes will reflect.



Credits : Kendall Alfred Youtuber

Music festivals are the best way to let your whole face glow. To do this, simply highlight your highest point of your cheeks, nose bridge, cupid’s bow (the middle of your upper lip) and underneath your brow bone. This way, you will not look dull in pictures and everybody will be dying to know what’s your glowing secret!

Matte lipsticks


Credits : RhyannaCBeauty Youtuber

With the festival going on for hours, you’re more likely to sweat, drink and eat a lot. There is almost no time for you to reapply your lipsticks and this is where matte lipsticks are recommended! Find one that is comfortable on your lips and also will not transfer when you eat or drink. Now you do not have to worry anymore about your lipstick.

Flash tattoos


Credits : capristoreblog

This applies to both guys and girls where you can place flash tattoos over anywhere visible on your body! Flash tattoos are temporary and so easy to apply therefore you not need to worry about it. It is a fun way to accessorise and decorate your body and gives a nice metallic finish!

Adhesive crystal/rhinestones


Credits : wwd.com

It might sound crazy to put crystals on your face, but trust me this will definitely level up your music festival makeup. Apply adhesive crystal sparingly around your eyes or above your eyebrows and this sort of recreates that chic tribal look!

Those are some of the makeup look/accessory ideas for your upcoming Alliance Music Festival. Whether you are putting on makeup or not, what’s most important is to have fun and enjoy the music!

Hidayah Azhar is a current Computer Science undergraduate student with a strong passion for fashion and beauty. She has been writing for nearly 3 years on her blog composing of product reviews, tutorials, and more often than not, she shares her daily musings with her readers too. Her inspirations are usually fashion and beauty bloggers around the world like Willabelle Ong from Pale Division, Lilia Kazakova from Lily-like, and the famous twins from Malaysia, Cherrie Mun and Evangeline Yan from Duo Gigs. She is usually seen coding with one hand, and applying lipstick with another.

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