Couldn’t catch MPAC’s Year End Production at the end of week 10? Don’t fret, here’s a rundown of what you may have missed from the second half of the biggest show of the semester! If you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend you read part one first to get the full story. Spoiler warning ahead!

Source: (from left) Ernest, Father John, and Oscar share a scene filled with bickering

The second half of the show starts with a scene with characters Ernest, Oscar, and Father John trying to find things to help them during a power outage. Entertaining bickering happens between all three characters, first between Oscar and Ernest, which Father John attempts to settle in vain. From there the bickering shifts to happen between Father John and Oscar as Father John tries to convert Ernest by promising forgiveness from his less-than-legal past mistakes, and Oscar challenges the ideas presented by religion. Tensions crescendo with Father John snapping after repeated sarcastic rebuttals from Oscar, and after an uncomfortable silence the three hear a scream in the distance.

Source: Darshan listens as Charlotte vents about her troubles

The next scene reveals the murderer finally as Charlotte stands in the study with Darshan and vents about the agony of trying to live up to her brutal businessman father’s expectations, as well as revealing that she was the one who had poisoned Eddie in the first act. After further explaining her motives and expanding on her grievances, she forces Darshan to swallow the same poison she had sneaked into Eddie’s system and, after believing him to be dead, screams. Quickly, the other characters come running in and demand to know what happened while Charlotte nervously tries to deflect suspicions from herself. This however fails as Darshan regains consciousness one last time to mutter “Eddie… Charlotte…Murder!” before later passing away.

Source: The group gathers around Darshan as suspicions rise against Charlotte

Faced with this new claim, the group decides to tie Charlotte up for the time being. All seems to be solved and Father John decides to leave, defeated after losing all his most crucial benefactors. However, a few minutes later suspicions rise once again as Lenore finds him dead. Once again, the group erupts in arguments as they are once again lost on who the killer may be. Lenore suggests seeking the aid of a local psychic, Khrishanti, to help them communicate with the spirits of the deceased attendees and find out who killed them.

Source: Khrishanti in action

The group returns to the dining room and welcomes in Khrishanti. After some quirky introductions she commences the seance, and the audience watches in wonder as one by one the spirits of the dead walk across the stage, including the formerly paralysed Darshan! Each spirit comes with a riddle-like message carried through Khrishanti, all hinting at the true murderer. However, before true clarity can be reached, a lavender allergy causes Annabel to sneeze and Khrishanti to lose her connection with the spirits. Visibly distressed, the psychic leaves and tries to call the police to warn them of a murderer in the house, but she is quickly subdued by a masked man.

Source: HG and Emily fight as Oscar and Annabel listen enthusiastically in the background

Later, an argument erupts between characters HG and Emily, who believes the former has become seduced by Lenore and is being overly detached and analytical in their relationship. During this, there is some break in the tense atmospheres as the rest of the characters struggle to carry Khrishanti’s body back into the house. Later, officers Jim and Jimmy arrive at the door with questions regarding Ernest’s parole, and despite the efforts of Edgar and Ernest, enter the house with intentions to question the rest of the group as well.

Source: Jim and Jimmy speak with Ernest and Edgar

The two are just about to leave once again before one gets distracted by a red stain that luckily turns out to be wine, one of the officer’s favourite to be exact. After enjoying a glass nervously and reluctantly offered by Edgar and the group, the officers go to leave again but stop at a second carpet stain, this time identified as blood. Emily breaks and confesses everything to the officers, but before anything could be done the wine-loving officer dies and the other is killed by Ernest in an attempt to stop him from calling backup.

With the pile of dead bodies rapidly growing, the remaining group are becoming increasingly panicked. All signs point to Edgar as the killer, until HG steps forward and begins to question a quote from one of the spirits from Khrishanti’s seance. Suddenly, another blackout appears, and the group blames the faulty fuse box before an ominous clapping rings out from the room. When the lights return, Eddie stands at the door, armed with a gun.

Source: Eddie is revealed as the killer mastermind

From there on, he reveals his identity as the true killer, and explains his intentions behind all those he has killed. His presence is maniacal and threatening, and the rest of the group cowers down as one by one Eddie guns each character down, until only Charlotte and Edgar remains. Finally, Edgar manages to rip the gun out of Eddie’s hands and shoots him. The scene ends with him untying Charlotte but being hit unconscious by her with the gun.

Source: Charlotte and Edgar have one last conversation

In the final scene, Edgar is in a jail cell while Charlotte sits quietly on a couch. She explains that her father framed Edgar for everything and he will be spending the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital. Despite Edgar’s desperate begging, she gives him the letter opener he had given Annabel before, and leaves. Distraught, Edgar proclaims his love for Annabel one last time before stabbing himself in the heart while two guards frantically try to find a key for his release, and so there remained only one.

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