As a new semester begins in Monash, the Monash floorball team meets again for our weekly practice session. What better way to burn calories than by playing games with friends.

How a typical floorball game looks like!

Floorball is a game almost similar to hockey, played with a stick and a ball. Probably one of the best games on earth. We play with 5 outfield players per team and a goalie for 3 period of 20 minutes each.

Other than being really fun to play, the team members  are super friendly and supportive. They’re always there to lend a hand and they do their best to help you out and make you feel good about yourself!

First set up in 2018 by Xher Rael and Ivan, the Monash Floorball team has been thriving. We’ve met up twice this semester and each session leaves you satisfied and happy. We’ve even joined Selangor inter-varsity competitions in 2018 and 2019 where games can get intense.

The girls team

For our weekly sessions, we begin with warm ups and then play practice matches against each other.

The first meeting for the semester!!

Floorball is a super fun way to get your weekly exercise. Although games can get super intense, they’re also really enjoyable. Practice sessions are super fun too since there’s a lot less pressure.

We meet up every Thursday at 6pm in the badminton court. Please free to join us!! Check out our Instagram too @monashfloorball !!


lots of love,

Noreen 🌻💕

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