For many of us, our final semester of undergraduate life has rolled around. The inevitable end of the wonderful journey of student life. The reality of this brings us down memory lane, all the way back to when we were freshies. Something that feels like just yesterday.

Let’s start with things on campus that are now gone. The smell of coffee brewing and wonderful cakes and pastries while passing through the link-bridge to SMR. Oh, Starbucks! Our wallets took a beating because of you, but you are still terribly missed.

Then we move on the new changes that our seniors who have long graduated before us, would be pretty happy to see. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: It’s rather early on to say how popular it is, but nonetheless, welcomed after a semester of walking through that once-empty space.

Remember the Maybank, CIMB and RHB ATM machines next to the seminar room 6103? Those are long gone now. Instead, we have a Maybank office space with and ATM and CDM with colorful seating areas around it. Fully air-conditioned, it makes for a great chilling spot on extremely hot days.

The Mad Alchemy with its added benches in the foyer makes for a great outdoor seating arrangement. Their coffee and snacks are a great on-the-go option if you’re in a hurry. The tables and benches in the area can be used even after hours, which is pretty convenient since it’s so close to the Monash gate. Waiting for a cab or the shuttle, here’s your spot!

Toast to Love! Initiated by a group of our very own Monash students and from Sunway University, this place has become quite popular for their quality and customer service where every visitor is “beautiful” or “handsome”.

The gazebo. A beautiful spot with a huge overhead fan. Doesn’t beat the heat of the afternoon sun, but still, it’s a nice spot to chill in. With Monash’s growing student population, the library has also added an extension which is open 24 hours during exam time!

These are just a few of the many changes around campus. Years later, if we happen to drop by our good old campus, who knows what more wonderful changes we’ll see around here!


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