Monash Cup is back! Clubs and Societies Division of MUSA organizes this annual event. First started in 2015, it hosts a range of competitions; from futsal to chess. For you freshies, here are 5 things you need to know about the grandest event in Monash Malaysia.

**1. Competitions to cater your skills**
The list of competitions which are available for the next Monash Cup is not available yet. But, the popular competitions from previous cups are expected to return. These include futsal, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, and many, many more. Here’s a highlight video of earlier Monash Cups from MUSA publicity:
Previous Monash Cups Highlights


The Battlefields

**2. It’s kinda like Hogwarts**
For us who didn’t get Hogwarts acceptance letter (yet), don’t worry! For Monash Cup, you will be sorted into houses. These houses come with grand names as well; Manticore, Leviathan, Culebre and Opinicus. Glory for your house, you will be awarded points.





**3. Which house are you in?**
Unfortunately, using a sorting hat for this would take forever. To make things easier, your house depends on the last two digits of your student ID. Check which house are you in with the figure below:


I’m a Leviathan, how ’bout you?

**4. It’s in Semester 2**
The event will be held in Semester 2, which is between July and November. Like previous ones, preparations will start in Semester 1 (and they already started!). So what can you take part for in Semester 1?

**5. Participate!**
In Semester 1, the houses embark on a journey to find their main committees. These include house captain, vice captain, treasurer, secretary, sponsorship, director and publicity officer. Come by the houses’ booths near the library to apply for these positions!

Although the event is in next semester, be sure to check out the houses and their booths to participate earlier. Bring glory to your house and win the cup!

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