It’s Week 7!

Also known as midterm week. The library is crowded and so are the carparks. Silent sobbing and paper stapling can be heard in all corridors of the campus. Places that were empty like the Sahara Desert ended up being as crowded as Beijing (I’m looking at you, empty space behind 9305). Shouldn’t this be happening throughout the semester though? I’m crying and stapling all the time with my readings anyway. So, here’s my confessions as a student with absolutely no midterms.

It’s not like I haven’t taken a midterm before. I did, once up to this point of my degree life. To this day, I have absolutely no idea as to why I took the unit. I got 1 out of 15 for that entire paper. Needless to say, it was absolute chaos and madness trying to rescue my grade. I ended up passing with a 50%.



me @ people who look like this when they study

I marvel at people who can physically sit down, take out a textbook and just start writing. I need to go through a lengthy process of getting food and drinks, a comfortable seat, putting on the perfect Spotify playlist, and God-knows what else before I actually whip out my laptop and start reading slides. Eventually, I’ll get bored and end up scrolling through every social media site I’m on and totally forget that I’m even studying. It’s the same when taking notes in class. I get so demotivated because I know the slides will eventually be up on Moodle and I tell myself that I will write them down after lecture but I have not done that once, except for one unit where I was oddly motivated to do so.

I’m not saying my course is amazingly chill and relaxing because instead of midterms, we have an endless supply of assignments due every week! Along with the weekly readings and extra materials (that no one even reads most of the time), there’s just this constant pressure to constantly be reading something otherwise you’ll risk being behind in the unit. I think midterms are just an over-glorified week that some students experience throughout the semester that isn’t limited to just this one week. But nonetheless, I understand that it’s still pressuring and nerve-wrecking but it will be all worth it in the end when you get the e-mail of your results at the end of the semester!


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