Here’s the thing…have you ever been at a point in your life when you feel like you’re going through mid-life crisis or for most of us, a mid-semester crisis? And suddenly you’re put on the spot feeling ever so overwhelmed having to juggle and contemplate life, feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom?

Well we’ve all been there. 

But here’s a reminder I would like to share…

It’s so easy to naturally laugh whenever you want but when you’re crying or when you’re angry or when you’re upset, it ends up becoming something that you feel you have to cover up. However, it is actually the one thing that you really have to embrace.

It’s okay if you feel like these never ending piles of assignments are being thrown at you like dodgeballs or it could be that you’re homesick or that you’re grieving over something or someone you lost but when you’re going through something, it’s important to be like “you know what, let me just release my thoughts and emotions about this.”

Because I definitely think that releasing these thoughts and emotions in whatever way your body needs to is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. When you’re upset or break down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sad. It just means you have an emotion that you want to release out of your body, you want to detox your body of something. And so let it be – whether you’re laughing, you’re in frustration or you’re crying, whatever it is, just release it.

There will be days when you wake up and you just feel so down and low and you’re like, ‘okay this may be hormonal or whatever but I feel those emotions. So why am I feeling it?’

By processing your emotions, breaking it down and thinking of anything – it could have been something from a week ago that’s now catching up with you, just write everything down.

Writing is always a good release for me. I find that writing to yourself or writing to a person that’s upset you helps. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to express it to them. By just having those moments, it doesn’t have to be a day, it can be an hour when you’re just like, “there’s some frustration in me, there’s something that’s upsetting me. Lt me break that down and figure out exactly what it is” because as soon as you process it, that’s like 99% of the process, because your body is releasing whatever it is that you’re feeling.

I think it’s also important to take a few minutes to think about how far you’ve come, all the obstacles you had to go through—and think about yourself relative to the world, not just your background or where you came from. 

For example, if your whole family went to high school or college you may think to complete those things aren’t a big deal, but in comparison to the world, they ARE. And if you didn’t complete either of those things, I’m positive you still have something you’ve done to be proud of. Replace mourning over the losses in life with the wins, no matter how big or small they may be.

One thing that sucks is that this is a timely process. You most likely aren’t going to bounce back in a week or so. I feel a lot of times people think they are over the rut and ready to move on, only to go on with their life and realize a few weeks later they are back in the same spot. I can’t give you an amount of time it’s going to take, but I promise giving something time—as long as you are also putting forth the effort—will help you.

Dust yourself off. There are brighter days ahead of you. “Some of the best days of your life hasn’t even happened yet.” —a quote from How I Met Your Mother (great show by the way, that has a lot of good life lessons in it!) 

I urge you, do not stay in whatever rut you are in. You are strong, find a way to cope, find what you love and what you want to do in life, get out there and make those dreams come true. Don’t put yourself in a box, don’t limit your capabilities. Capabilities are BUILT. And always remember that you can always reconstruct, reinvent, any part of yourself, any part of your life whenever or however you want.

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