Two flavours very familiar to Malaysian tastebuds – butter chicken and durian – blended together by Projek Dapur Umar by Umar Aziz. The unusual combination of both butter chicken and durian often raises a few eyebrows – both of intrigue and curiosity. However, after just one taste, it always leaves customers wanting more.

A unique blend of flavours – the durian butter chicken, served with rice, fried egg and ulam

“Durian butter chicken was made with non durian eaters in mind,” says Umar. The dish doesn’t come with the strong taste, smell and heaty feeling one usually gets when eating durian. Instead, after trying durian butter chicken it leaves you with a light durian aftertaste that is ideal for most customers.

Rose, a member of Projek Dapur Umar’s team, says, “I convinced my boyfriend who doesn’t like durian to try it and now its his favourite food and he has joined our team.”

Umar says he came up with the idea since he has always been a fan of mixing food and flavour and wanted to challenge himself on finding a new taste. He wanted something that’s community sourced and to be served back to Malaysia’s community.

Projek Dapur Umar is also environmentally friendly whereby they use paper-based packaging instead of plastic. They also use fresh ingredients from within the community and locally sourced durian.

Umar Aziz in the process of making his durian butter chicken

Rose says that Umar started off giving his durian butter chicken to his friends for feedback and after experimenting and incorporating different methods, he finally found the right one. So far, Projek Dapur Umar sells the only durian butter chicken in Malaysia.

The dish is served spicy and with rice which helps to balance out the taste of the durian while still preserving the flavour.

Umar hopes that one day his durian butter chicken can become a signature Malaysian dish, together with nasi lemak, roti canai, and kopi kampung.

Durian butter chicken can be purchased at Ali Bistro in Setiawangsa everyday, except Friday, from 6pm-11pm. They can also be found on social media as Projek Dapur Umar.


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