Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

V: I am Vincentius Hermawan Hamwiyanto. You can just call me Vincent! I am from School of IT and currently in Year 2 Semester 2. I am active in Monash Dance Fusion Club (of course), also a mentor in IBP (International Buddy Programme), a country representative for Indonesia and also the assistant to the President of Monash Sunway Monash Residence.

How long have u been dancing?

V: Actually I just started last year in Monash!

What sparked ur interest to dance?

V: I’ve always been interested in dancing since I was a kid. However, I did not have the chance to practice nor did I know the places to go for dancing class. Even my parents were not supportive at that time so as a kid, I couldn’t go out and practice dancing. When I travelled to Malaysia from Indonesia, and came to Monash University Malaysia, I was thankful and happy to see Monash Dance Fusion Club, and I thought to myself, “maybe this is the time!”.

What kind of dance do u do?

V: When I first started in my Year 1 Semester 2, I joined Hip Hop classes only because I wasn’t sure if I could handle it or not. When I reached Year 2 Semester 1, I went crazy and tried hip hop, popping, contemporary, latin, jazz, even girl style classes and decided to join the performance group in Monash Dance Fusion Club. My favourite dance is Jazz followed by hip hop.

V: What made u decided to do that?

When I performed once for hip hop, I felt really excited and I like what I was doing. So, I wanted to try all the other dances genres so that I can find which dance that fits me the most. I was also interested in B-Boy, which was the breakdancing class but I did not have the strength to do it. As of now, I am only focusing on latin and jazz dance.

Do you have a dance playlist?

How do you see yourself in the future in the dance life?

V: It’s pretty ambiguous right now. But I will be going for a dance competition soon! I’ll be flying back to Indonesia on May 6th to try and compete in Latin, Jazz and Contemporary.

If you’re not dancing, what will u be doing?

V: I’ll probably write some novels and draw. Although I’m a beginner to both, I did try to write some short stories, and some novels and draw scenes from the novels.

Any motivational words for those who would like to start dancing?

V: Just move. I mean if you like it, just move it, right? For me, the feeling of dancing comes from within. Every time I listen to music, I feel like moving but I just don’t know how to make it look good. Another thing is if you’re scared of what people will think of you, well… haters gonna hate. No matter what you do, some people will hate you so why don’t you just dance if that’s what you really like!

Any last words?

V: Thank you for the people in MDFC because they made me grow. They are really supporting people, and do not discriminate me at all. They always notice the littlest improvement and congratulate me for it. So, to the rest of you, come and join Monash Dance Fusion Club!


(Picture courtesy of MUSA Monga)

(Video courtesy of Vincent himself)

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