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It’s no doubt that after so many semesters in Monash University Malaysia, you get tired of the food in the cafeteria eventually. After what happened to Starbucks (it’s no longer in the campus…), there’s not much choices for you to get your daily toast fix from. However, that has changed starting this semester! If you have been around campus, you will see a new stall directly in front of Building 5. Now my friends, you can happily get your toasts from Toast to Love!

Let’s get a bit personal with one of the co-founders of Toast to Love, Ryan Poh who’s an engineering student majoring in Mechatronics, in his second semester of year 2. His hobbies include reading, playing video games such as Dota 2, meeting new people and hearing what inspires their dreams.

What inspired you to start Toast To Love?
We are a team of 6 (Ronald, Wan Fen, Immanuel, Christine, Lakith and myself) and coincidentally what inspired us was, well you know toast was something that started from mamak shop. 3 of us, Lakith, Ronald and me, we were conversing with each other at a mamak, and we just thought of the idea, toast! Why not have something fresh, hot, fast? Isn’t that what’s missing from Monash? That was the core question that lead to all these ideas.

How do you manage between studies and Toast to Love?
Well, its a juggling act. I wouldn’t say that you can get the best of both worlds. Personally, for me, I had to do some sacrifices as well. One of the very clear sacrifices is not being able to play Dota 2 as often as I used to. I think I do believe that people play video games because there’s nothing else to do. However once you find a purpose, something to work on, you will naturally drop them. In terms of juggling, I converted the time I used for facebook, youtube, dota time into studying time. To compare past and present, I’m only consuming 5% of the time that I used to for it.

How do you see Toast to Love in the next 3 years?
Well, what my team and I envisioned over the discussion, we are heading towards to be in everybody’s university. That is our starting grounds. Not the shopping malls or anywhere else but basically be a pop up stall in universities. Because that’s what we stand for. If let’s say students come to our shop but do not feel a student vibe, then we have failed. That’s the vibe we want to give, that genuine-university-student vibe.

If you could eat 1 kind of toast for the rest of your life, what will it be… and why?
Oh! I’ll go for Chick Norris. Actually that’s what I’ve been doing, haha! Well, to be honest, since the days that we were still research and developing it, I already fell in love with it. I like mayo, cheese and chicken and that happens to be Chick Norris.

Do you have any words for those who are opening their own start up company?
Just do it. As cliche as it sounds, just do it really because it’s never about the idea. Personally, I don’t think toast is oh-my-god-wow-you-invented-toast kind of idea because toast has been around since forever. It comes down to 99% of the execution. So if you want to start up something, just do it.

Any last words?
Well, do come and try our toast! Our lalalamb is out, it just got introduced last Monday! We’ll also be giving a short segment in an upcoming event, Wealth Creation System (WCS), this Saturday, at Persiaran Cakerawala, Shah Alam from 9am – 11pm. It’s rm50 per entry.

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That’s all for today! 😉

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