Near the end of Week 11 of the semester, what better way to kick back and relax than with Jammies Night, hosted by MUSA’s Welfare Office!

Entrance photo booth for jammies night

The MUSA Lounge was beautifully decorated tropically with hibiscuses and flower garlands.

Everyone enjoyed the large selection of pizzas and freshly made s’mores. There was a small buffet with chicken, macaroni and mashed potatoes. They also catered to those who were vegetarian. They even had a countdown before break of fast for those fasting.

An amazing playlist kept everyone alive and on their feet. People were laughing, dancing and playing games. Some even took part in dares where they had to kiss and lick the floor. Everyone was super hyped up and excited.

They even had bra pong where you had to throw ping pong balls into bras. Winners got a cute unicorn badge and a snickers bar.

Later on, 4 contestants were nominated for best dressed and they each had to catwalk to their selected song before striking a pose, which everyone loved and cheered them on for.

Best dress guy and girl for the night!

By the end of the night, everyone was chilling to the music and enjoying each other’s company. So happy to see so many people coming and enjoying themselves. Hope everyone had lots of fun!


lots of love,

Noreen 🌻💕

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