Hey guys! Back at it again! Homophobia is an issue for sure, and I am going to tell you why. Take it with an open mind and heart cause it’s about to get super real. I’m talking religion, government and gender.


First thing’s first, super proud of India for abolishing section 377! #LoveWins #LoveisLove. So, for all of y’all who don’t know what that is, let ya girl educate you real quick. Section 377 is a part of the Indian Penal Code which was introduced in 1861 by the British government states that all unnatural sexual activities are considered as a crime.

So, basically, if you have sex with the same gender or an animal (this is sick), you are considered a criminal. So, recently, the government decided to decriminalize gay sex which was honestly, a huge blessing. India made this exact decision few years ago but somehow decided to reverse the decision in 2013. People have been fighting for their rights for 5 years now and here we are! Great job, guys! Super progressive attitude.

Now, here’s my problem with the Malaysians. I get it, it is a Muslim country, it may be hard to bring those kinds of rules and regulations here. I understand, but for a country that claims diversity and openness, you ain’t trying hard enough. I understand certain religions does not allow their people to be queer. Honestly though, in my opinion, religion should evolve with time. We’re living in 2018, I think it is time to make some changes.

LGBTQ community is in fear right now. Know why? What was it again, oh yea, because queer people in Malaysia are insulted and assaulted. Don’t ever claim that you are open-minded if you think being gay is a sin. Some people use religion as an excuse to beat up people. In no religion ever, it says that you are allowed to assault or harass someone just because of different preferences.

“Last week, two women in the conservative state of Terengganu were sentenced to be caned under syariah law after being caught attempting to have sex in a car.”

Here’s what I don’t get. Apparently, childhood marriage is okay but consensual sex? Oh hell no! It is okay for someone to rape and marry but same sex being in love? Guess not. Update your rules. Here’s my logic, if you claim that unnatural sex is against your religion, and you use religion as your reason for everything, explain to me this, does your religion encourage rape? Does it say to abuse women? And of course, I will hear answers like “Marrying the victim is technically protecting women from getting any more bad reputation.” I cannot stand people like this. But that is a whole different issue.

Is that how we want to be represented? A homophobic country? A country that does not accept people for who they are? Being gay is not wrong. It is the mentality that’s screwing us up.  Please stop telling people ” THAT’S SO GAY”. What are you implying here? Queer people are weak? Like pink? Please stop. What does “Don’t be gay? even mean. I get so judged if I even try to correct them. GAY is not an insult. Open your minds and accept people for who they are.

Till next time. Have a great day. XO


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