Instagram: The “Frenemy”

By: Brindha Menon


“Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air.”

How ironic is the fact that this line from act 1 scene 1 of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, was composed within the context of a completely different circumstance, but now however, is still so relevant to today’s digital time and age.

In Macbeth, this line was composed by the three witches based on the recurring themes of deception throughout the play.

Deception. A term most people often use not just in relation to reality itself, but even more so, to the deceiving images portrayed on Instagram that have become a reality worshiped by many.

Instagram has the ability to be that benevolent friend who allows you to inspire and be inspired. It allows our visions to be seen through its lens and our voices to be heard through its projection. By the same token however, it can also turn its tables into an arch nemesis who leaves us blinded and muted. Blinding us with false illusions and unrealistic standards that cloud up the essence of who we truly are and what we have been gifted with to utilise in order reach our maximum potential. Hence, the reason why I call it a notorious “frenemy”.

So many of us don’t even realise how consumed we are by Instagram and how much importance we have given it to dictate our lives, for better or for worse. Without realising how crucial it is to have control over it, before it has control over you.


With that being said however, this frenemy is somewhat unique as opposed to actual friends or enemies. The reason being that, people and what they have in store for you to deal with, is beyond your control. It is more of a challenge to succumb to a person who’s hard to change. However, it is much easier to alter what is within your control by choosing the environment you wish to be exposed to.

Whenever you feel out of place and you struggle to face that supermodel with curves that resemble the frame of a coke bottle, or a multi-millionaire who won’t stop flexing on your feed, or an athlete who has all the energy in the world that you begin to question his/her mortality, or another individual who has the same talent as you or is in the same field of expertise as you. And sometimes, more than any of these figures, it could even be the ones who are the closest to you that you end up comparing yourself to the most. But more than a social detox (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I would recommend you to instead, be a game changer and make a best friend out of this “frenemy”.



By turning your Instagram feed into a learning ground, sketchbook, novel, or mood board of your own.


Follow accounts or people with outlooks and aspirations that are similar to yours. Birds of a feather sure do flock together!

That way, not only do you get inspired to create but you also learn and become widely read or informed about topics of your interest.

Here is a list of some of my all time favourite accounts that uplift my spirits and I think would also make you feel much more wholesome:


  • @jayshetty


Jay Shetty has a following of 3 million and is known to be one of the wisest motivators out there. His videos, podcasts, quotes and interviews are filled with so much empowerment that leaves you feeling geared up after having encountered at least one of them.


  • @theartidote


The artidote is truly an antidote to those of you who find it a bit of a strain to read or digest a cluster of words and instead, would prefer artistic visuals with one or two liners that compliment it.


  • @willsmithsbucketlist


Regardless of being a huge fan of The Smiths, you should definitely give this page a follow for that rush of bold spontaneity through your veins by watching Will Smith document his adventurous mind-boggling experiences.


  • @vexking


Vex King speaks for the soul and always has the right words at the right time that can be of some sort of guidance or reminder through his positive vibes, especially during the hustle and bustle of life.


Try your best to not kill the flame of curiosity that’s burning within you. Instead, reignite and let it warm you up to new knowledge and experiences that start from the exposure you choose to turn towards before it all comes to a closure.

The more you learn about others and their experiences, the more it facilitates your own self-discovery and it widens your horizons. After all, the best ‘person’ to acquire this knowledge from is a true friend. One of which you can make out of anyone or anything. Believe it or not, even the most renowned “frenemy”, Instagram.

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