This week’s article, we’re going to sneak a peek on one of the tips successful writers of Wattpad had used to garner those reads, votes and bookmarks!

Have you ever came across a book on Wattpad and went ‘Wow, how do they get so many reads?’ even if the content might not be as good? Have you ever wondered why when you put your quality work out there, it doesn’t get that much attention?

Well, the first answer would be because your book hasn’t seen the light yet and it will take some time before it does.

But the second answer stays on the same playing field as the first and that’s the cover you associate your book with.

Is a cover that important?

Yes, yes it is.

A cover is basically what you’ll be presenting your product as. As much as I preach about not judging a book by its cover, it’s the quality that matters in a book, when it comes to the Wattpad audience, cover is the determinant of whether your book attracts a reader’s attention or not.

I had many years to experiment with that line of thought and it came to my attention that yes, covers matter.

In fact, I came to find myself actually going towards book on Wattpad that has an attractive cover. I guess it’s to say, I associate good covers with good content even though that is most definitely not the case. But the fact that majority of Wattpad audience does shows you that some effort has to be made for the cover of your book.

Here are some examples of a good book cover that has garnered high reads on Wattpad:

*Source: Good Book Covers on Wattpad

In a nutshell, in a big community like Wattpad, people no longer can rely on just the quality of their content to get them out there in this website. Sure, the quality does matter when you reach a certain amount of reads because after you reach at least one thousand reads, the website’s algorithm will take care of your exposure for you, but until then: what you present is what gather those readers.

It might sound fickle. And honestly, it is. But in a website that has so many books and you competing a spot to get your book out there, all cards have to be played just right. And if it means taking extra care on making your cover, you should do just that.

How do I make my own pretty cover?

There are many programs and apps as well as websites you can use to make your very own cover! The ones I use will be listed below but if you explore around and watch youtube videos on some of the covers created for a Wattpad book, you might get some idea.

  1. Canva

Canva is a great website to use when you want to get a simple, minimalistic cover made. It’s also very easy to use. Plus it has many templates you could choose from or you can make your own!

2. Photoshop/Krita/GIMP/Photoscape

These programs are great if you want to make a cover from scratch! I, personally, use Krita and Photoscape in making my own covers but if you have Photoshop, that’s even better! You can find many tutorials on Youtube to make your own cover and how to start. My only advice is to not give up if your first try isn’t as great as you want it to look. Just keep trying!

3. Pexels/Unsplash

Pexels and Unsplash are two great websites if you want to get royalty-free high-quality images! I would advice to check on their license just in case, a double-check if you will to make sure they really are royalty-free when you’re using the pictures! Still, I would highly recommend these websites if you want to use pictures in your cover!

But I don’t have the skills to make a cover that good though!

No worries! There are many people in the website who are good at making covers for you! All you have to do is hunt them down by venturing into the club’s forums. It’s currently moved to a new part of the website but if you’re a Wattpad user, you would know how to get there. Any of the graphic designers and cover makers available will make you a beautiful one. Not to say there aren’t not-so-great designers in that cluster of people, but you can definitely find talented ones that would give you that extra boost of attractiveness to compliment the quality of the books you write.

So, go ahead! Get a brand new pretty cover and doll your book up!

*Book cover images are used here with permission. Links to the books associated with the book covers as well as their Wattpad user profiles are as follows:
A Blaze in the Dark by Dante Greywolf
Blue Star by NovelistAnne
The Unordinary Life of the Enchantress by Eilfen
A Scarlet Rose by MissNutcracker
The Golden Core by cmroth76
U.T.O.P.I.A. by KrystalM
**Wattpad Tip 01 and See Ya Next Time! Banners created and belongs to the writer. 

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