It’s nearing that time of year again where music-loving, polaroid-taking and floral-shirt wearing millennials perform their annual pilgrimage to the epicentre of partying. The much-anticipated Good Vibes Festival makes its return back in Genting Highlands this July 21-22. With Phase 1 tickets already sold out within a day, the newly-broke university students are already planning their festival outfits and pre-show rituals with their friends. Belting at the top of your lungs to 6lack, and crying to the sweet melodies of Daniel Caeser live is going to be hella fun, but sometimes unexpected things can happen during this 2-day revelry. That’s why it’s always important to be prepared ahead of time. So, here are 5 tips on surviving the Good Vibes Festival.


1. Your white Adidas Stan Smiths + horse ranch mud is not a good look.

Source: R.I.P to your squeaky clean sneaks.

If you were at Good Vibes in 2017, reading this will give you war flashbacks. Day 1 was all fun and games until it started pouring down when Kodaline came on (hmm coincidence?), and everyone was trudging calf-deep in mud. There were a couple Yeezy’s and Birkenstocks that came out ruined beyond repair, so if you love your kicks, please don’t risk it. It’s better to be dancing in your old shoes or rubber boots that you have no attachment to.


2. Fill your stomach before to keep your wallet.

Source: Eat before getting there. Your wallet will thank you.

All that dancing and singing is going to tire you out, and you’ll eventually search for food and drinks at the ranch. But uh-oh. A slice of a hot dog is going to cost you RM 20. Plus, you’re going to have to queue for what feels like hours. There are a lot of nice mamaks and restaurants near your hotel, so it’s best you eat a feast before arriving at the festival.


3. Blankets are your best friends.

Source: Bring-Your-Own-Blanket.

While waiting in between sets, or giving your feet a break, it’s really hard to find a spot to rest. There are a few hipster wooden crates but those fill up quickly. If you want to save your outfits from getting dirty, and want to chill out with your friends for a while, it’d be best to bring a thin blanket or tapestry to sit on. And when the temperature starts to drop during the night, it can double up as something nice to keep you warm during the show (if you don’t have that special someone to do so).


4. Fanny Packs are not wack.

Source: Fanny Packs are going to be your festival lifesaver.

You might be shy to whip out a fanny pack in public, but if there’s one occasion to do so, it’s definitely Good Vibes. Not only is it back in trend, but it’s super practical and theft-repellent. You can store all your essentials there, like your cash, sunscreen and phone, and still be able to dance around freely. The Hypebeasts were ahead of the curb on this one.


5. Have fun!!!

When else can Malaysia hold an outdoor event where all the best artists perform at a reasonably good price? Really go out there with your festival outfits and dance to your heart’s content. Take lots of pictures to immortalize all the good memories with your friends and make your Instagram feed really pop. Party it up, stay safe and bring good vibes with you.


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