Well just pick up your drinks and CHUG THEM ALL!!!

Okay no, don’t do that unless you want to wake up in a random place surrounded by puke. Before I carry on, by now I’m sure you guys must know that I’m not talking about water; instead, the holy juice that is collected from our planets fermented products. This is for the alcoholics out there who just want a good time but end up in the opposite.

Prevention is better than cure, but to prevent we must understand the cause. So what causes nausea and other inconveniences to occur? When toxic substances enter your body, a signal is sent to the brain and that part of the brain sends back signals to remove the toxins in the form of vomiting it out. This process is pretty similar to what happens when we get food poisoning. Mainly, drinking alcohol in terms of amount or concentration causes major dehydration. I know it is odd that consuming more liquid makes you more dehydrated, but this is because alcohol suppresses the release of the hormone vasopressin, which normally replaces the water released by the kidneys back into the body. With the absence of vasopressin, that water is marked for the bladder and eliminated. Another dehydration effect is the inflammation of the stomach lining, which causes diarrhoea. Now that the causes have been stated, the prevention is pretty obvious… HYDRATE YO SELF! Pace your drinks well, with every shot balance it with water or even soft drinks. No, water will not slow down the effect of getting buzzed up (in case you’re worried about that). Don’t chug down glasses after another thinking that you are not getting buzzed because the effect would always come after a while. Also, you can slow down dehydration by snacking in the middle of your drinks to prevent the acid from building up in your stomach (This is vital for drinkers who has acidity or gas problems). Another few ways you can prevent your self from being nauseous is by sucking on lime or lemon; this will help refresh you. Stay awake! The amount of alcohol in your blood continues to rise even when you’re not drinking. That’s because alcohol in the digestive system carries on being absorbed into the bloodstream. Too much alcohol in the blood stops the body working properly. It is better to keep your self straight up.

This really doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wild night and that you won’t be able to caption your Instagram pictures as “blurry nights” because trust me, you’d probably still have a blurry night. This simply helps by preventing you from getting a shot at the nearest “kecemasan” to stop your crazy puking (not that I’ve gone through that :p). So most importantly, learn to enjoy the build-up! That way you won’t rush into getting burnt by tequila shots oozing down your throat and also stay alive and well throughout the night and the next day.

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