How To Brain-Wash Your Body.

by: Brindha Menon


The body embodies a wisdom of its own. But unless you spare some time to turn inwards and meditate, chances are this intrinsic wisdom will go unrealized.

Not understanding this is a common cause to our aches, pains and racing minds especially when we try unwinding after a long day.  

If you are having trouble sleeping and constantly feel confused, anxious or sore and are unsure of how to cope, it is a sign that you need to reconnect with your body.

When you are feeling under the weather or down and moody, it is often our body’s way of communicating with us. It is trying to express itself and sometimes all we have to do is listen.

You have to become a good listener though by paying close attention to what your body is trying to tell you. That’s a kind of meditation.

Besides meditation, another easy way to do this is while you are showering. By immersing yourself in warm water, this helps to relax and open you up to listening to your body.

As you listen to your body, try giving your brain a wash with these thoughts:


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  1. Shampoo away all negative thoughts
  2. Condition your mind with positive thoughts
  3. Face and confront all judgement
  4. Neck away from hurtful words you’ve said to others
  5. Chest lightens up ready to spread love to others
  6. Stomach digests and excretes unhealthy desires
  7. Arms reach out to give back to others
  8. Legs stretch out to sprint towards achieving your goals


There you have it!

By connecting with your body regularly and being more mindful of its messages, it allows you to value your health and well-being.

Instead of getting brainwashed by negativity, give your brain a ‘wash’  by feeding it with compassionate thoughts.

Be kind and listen to your body, and you will find that serenity within!



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