How To Be A Rebel With A Cause.

by: Brindha Menon


“I’ve been reckless, but I’m not a rebel without a cause.” – Angelina Jolie.

Yeah, the authenticity of this quote sent chills down my spine as well the first time I encountered it and has made a mark on me ever since. Which got me thinking…

A rebel without a cause is literally translated as: “a person who is dissatisfied with society but does not have a specific aim to fight for.”

However, has it ever occurred to you that the real dilemma is in fact, our own self-doubt that we habitually disregard and are resistant to mend?

More often that not, we are so quick to being apprehensive as opposed to being more comprehensive towards the circumstances of our lives. Especially, if it’s for the worse.

Hence, the most highly anticipated question: “How on earth do I coax myself into becoming a rebel with a cause?”. Here are some interrelated seeds you could plant into the soil of your mindset:

Welcoming and accepting mistakes.

  • We are all bound to make mistakes and subsequently, face the music as an outcome. When there are events in your life that challenge you and your vulnerability or bring out the worst in you, instead of asking yourself ‘why is this happening to me?’ try asking yourself ‘why is this happening for me? What is this teaching me?’ This will progressively push you to understand that life is unfolding exactly as outlined. The key is to identify, extract and learn from the underlying lessons in these scenarios. There is a blessing in everything, and our only challenge is to see it.

Be responsible for what’s WITHIN your control and not for what’s BEYOND your control.

  • As inevitable and mysterious as life is known to be, we are all heavily conditioned to be extremely result-oriented in this goal-driven world. That doesn’t mean we should extinguish our flame or dismiss our passions and ambitions. In fact, it’s primarily the discipline, diligence and hard work that we should reinforce and be immersed in as this is all within our control, and which we are responsible to incorporate in whatever we strive to take on. Dwelling in anticipation and hope over the outcome, of which we should not hold ourselves accountable for as this is what’s beyond our control. So, for instance, instead of being that aspiring writer with a book in hand, dwelling in the high hopes of becoming the author writing them, focus all that time and energy solely into reading + writing, and let that speak for itself in time to come. Besides, even the best of the best who have made it big, never stop crawling back to the roots of their basis.

You will never speak to anyone more than to yourself, be mindful of what you say!

  • How is it that there is no comparison between the sun, the moon and the stars? They all shine in their own time and there’s been no say in who’s shine is the most appealing. When it comes to us, comparing ourselves to the world has become the most notorious venom that’s known to intoxicate our train of thoughts. So much so, that this has even turned Alice into Malice. Poetic justice aside, the only competition you need to be a part of is the one you have with yourself. Instead of cursing failure and projecting it onto what you are lacking, thank failure for making you realise the existing potential embedded within you that just needs some refinement before it reaches its maximum potential. Remember that it’s perfectly okay to go at your own pace, as long as you’re still moving.


Your reality can be just as fascinating and intriguing as the scenes you craft in your head. You just have to rebellious enough to go against self-doubt as part of the effort you put into realising and shaping it that way. And it is no lie that it is challenging to confront and put a complete end to these illusionary, intoxicating thoughts. But remind yourself like the saying goes, “you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.”

There will never be a day when the world won’t drag you by the hand, opinionatedly belting out all sorts of perceptions and expectations, “this is important! You need to also worry about that! And everything!”. But each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, place it on your chest, directly over your heart and say, “no, this is what’s utmost important.”

What’s happening in your life is a result of what’s happening in your mind, and you become a rebel with a cause by proactively rejuvenating that space in your head.

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