Having an interest in photography is not easy in a life where everyone downplays artists’ work. In our busy campus lives, we often do not have the time to relax with our hobbies, much less take up the time to curate our crafts into a potential career.

As a student who has a passion for photo- and videography, I can voice out for us students that in our everyday lives, if we do not actively pursue our interests, they will be left laying in the dust whilst we struggle to complete assignment after assignment.

Fortunately, small communities in Monash Malaysia *cough* clubs and societies *cough* have our backs! For those who have a passion to pursue photography, Monash’s own Photography Society is a small but warm community that will encourage and inspire you to take our hobby to the next level.

Throughout the semester, MMPS members learned many photography tips and tricks. Members picked up new techniques and viewed the world around them through new and different lenses. They experimented with different angles, lights and colours, even roaming the campus after 6pm to capture the fleeting moments of dusk.

On the 13th of April, MMPS members embarked on a delightful trip to Melacca where they had a blast photographing the quaint little town and the historical sights there. Needless to say, they returned home with not only a contented stomach, but also with their proud works during the trip and treasured memories with new friends.

Members also had the golden opportunity to learn editing skills and had enjoyed a fun session in which they touched up their works using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

From the 6th to 9th of May, Monash Malaysia Photography Society (MMPS), in collaboration with Radio Monash, set up a brilliant display of impressive photos, themed Horizon of Colours. Students in Monash Photography Club proudly showcased their talents, which featured street photography, landscape and many other photobook-worthy photos.

Over the week, Monash students were blessed with breathtaking photos by their own classmates, peers and friends, and many enjoyed taking inspiration from and learning through the works of others.

In this semester, members learned that to be passionate for photography doesn’t mean one has to possess the expensive equipment and fancy editing software. To have a heart for photography is to always find inspiration in the little things in life and to pick up a camera (be it a smartphone or a DSLR) to capture these precious moments people so often take for granted.

Every moment is a Kodak moment if you can find a source of happiness and pleasure in what you see and what you do.

Whether if you are a professional or a hobbyist, if you have a burning passion for photography and want to grow your skills with a photography-loving community, feel free to join MMPS in the next semester!

Get inspired as a photographer by getting out of your house and exploring the sights and wonders of the world around you. Take a stroll downtown, hike up a hill, visit some places famous for their architecture… there is so much you can do to grow your hobby.

Most importantly, it is fun to have a like-minded community of friends to grow with you, encourage you to keep on creating, and bring out the best in you 🙂

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