I sit here and I stare at moving scenes,

as I start to ponder then reminisce,

How the days growing up flew by,

so fast it could make me cry.

Where do I begin? I really don’t know,

Memories don’t cascade but like a waterfall, they rush and flow,

I remember the games we used to play,

spinning tops, Pepsi Cola, or even getting dirty in clay,

a smile starts to etch,

thinking about the thrill of playing ‘Batu Seremban’ and catch,

why even losing my marbles literally and not was worth it for a match.

What is the best about Malaysia, honestly?

The food most positively!

From our desserts that help us to keep us cool,

Ice cream potong, ABC and Chendol,

to our favorite dishes,

Nasi Lemak, Dosai, Chapatti, Roti Canai Fried Kuey Tiew,

Nope, no one can say they have had it ‘Kaw Kaw’!

Let’s travel back in time to our school days,

how we did not have air conditioners and we’d be in a daze,

concentrating on vandalism on the desks than teaching by chalk and duster,

Classes back to back so we students get grades of the same cluster,

Or else our Asian parents would threaten to disown us if we tell them we can’t have the courage to muster,

Hmm, what about Malaysian public transport?

always packed like a can of sardines without a doubt,

but what is there to complain,

at least we have commodities

which has been converted into necessities.

Growing up Malaysian,

Is truly Asian,

but I would never ever trade my memories,

because they would last and be told to my grandchildren as stories,

for more than centuries.

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