There’s a subreddit that talks about glitches in the matrix that people have experienced. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, there’s a theory that the world we live in is a computer simulation by people far into the future. Technology is so advanced that they created a simulation so lifelike that we actually feel like real people, when all we are is a simulation by future communities who want to know how things were like the past, i.e. our present.

Sometimes, it could be possible that these simulations glitch and things don’t appear the way they seem. Something you remembered one way can suddenly be different the next day, only for you to find out that it was never how you remembered it in the first place. Often they are very small details but to imagine them happening to people out there is kinda spooky. Any one day it could happen to us.

Here are a few glitches in the matrix people have experienced that I found particularly interesting.



1. The broken window

Reddit user @EshayElias tells of his dad and his ex girlfriend who accidentally broke a window while moving in. They called a glazier to fix the window for them. The glazier tells them that he had fixed their window before after a kid broke it with their cricket ball. He remembered the house because of the painting they had hung on the wall. This couldn’t be so as the couple had just moved in.

A few months later, their window gets broken by a cricket ball and they call for a glazier. The same man shows up to fix the window. But this time he claims that he had never visited their home before.

2. The doctors family

Reddit user @little_doer had been seeing the same chiropractor for years. It was a family business owned by a husband and wife. They had two children, two boys around the ages of 2 and 6. The user remembered this well since their office had photos of the whole family.

Soon the wife became pregnant and took maternity leave after delivering her child. The user remembers her pregnancy very vividly and they remember the husband rushing around, having to deal with the patients by himself.

A few years later, the user’s mother had a conversation with the doctors and was telling them what things would be like once they had kids of their own. This confused little_doer and they tell their mother that the doctor have three kids, but their mother was sure they didn’t.

And true enough, the doctors were childless. The photo of them with their kids seem to have been replaced with a photo of them with their cats instead.

3. Missing kid

I don’t remember who posted this one but the user who did said that she has 4 kids. However, lately she had been feeling like someone was missing. It happened during instances like doing a headcount when she would get a mini heart attack wondering where her fifth child was, when she realised she only has four. Even her children say they feel like the family suddenly feels a lot smaller.

Once, her parents sent money for the children. They always send $100 each but suddenly they sent $500 instead of $400. The user called them up asking why they had sent so much, and they laughed it off saying they were getting old as they thought she had 5 kids.



Somewhat related to the Mandela effect, these glitches might also be parallel universes colliding and we accidentally get swapped into another one. Often they are minor details like the glazier or the doctors, but some people have claimed to wake up only to have a new set of people who call themselves your parents, who to everyone else’s knowledge have always been the same people.

At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson is a book that has the glitch happen to the main character. I think it’s a brilliant book, but I’ll talk about it some other time.

Feel free to share if anything like this has happened to you!


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