If anyone of you are even a bit into gaming, you will definitely know the existence of a giant in the gaming machine and gadgets industries named Razer. It has been known for creating extremely powerful and practical laptops, keyboards, mouses, headsets, and many more, in the sole purpose of following its motto: for gamers, by gamers.

It is out of anyone’s expectation for the company to announce that they are creating another new gadget of gaming machine, but in the shape of a smartphone. Creating a so-called “gaming phone” has never been done before, and Razer is on its way of doing it.

Razer does not include any further information regarding the development of the phone, including the name, the specification, and the price. The phone is still in development, and is reportedly launch earliest in 2018. Here, we will do some guessing on what may be the features, capabilities, and problems that the phone may have.


Source:: The visualized version of Robin prototype.

On January 27th 2017, Razer Incorporation has decided to acquire NextBit, a company found on 2013 which focused on the development of a phone with ‘unlimited’ storage, called “Robin”. The storage of the phone will have cloud storage implemented into it. Basically, your phone storage is replaced with cloud storage, which allows storage of files in a specific location in the internet, each owned by an individual with the ability to share access. The development of the product is however discontinued due to the acquisition by Razer. It is unknown whether the research of cloud storage direct implementation is still on-going.


Source:: A popup notification stating the closure of “Robin” project when visiting NextBit website

My own speculation is that the new Razer phone might have this capability, which really suits the theme of a ‘gaming phone’. The usability of the cloud storage would allow the phone to contain many games with greater data size. Moreover, for non-gamers, cloud storage would be convenient for storing videos, photos, and more.

Razer, which has always been associated with the color black and neon green, would most likely paint their phone with the iconic colors, along with the triple-headed snake logo. I believe that the color would not look great on a phone, despite the futuristic and badass vibe that comes out of its previous gadgets, due to the fact that a phone will undoubtedly be carried around everywhere. With a bright neon color (which usually is very bright due to LED), the phone would look too obnoxious. Simplicity is the best Sophistication, they said.


Source:: Razer’s iconic black and green futuristic theme

Unfortunately, there is no such thing (yet) as a smartphone that is being commercialized as a “gaming phone”. A direct ‘comparison’ (because the phone is not even publicized yet) is not possible. However, it is safe to assume that the capabilities of the phone will be focused more on the RAM and graphic card, rather than usual smartphone focus such as physical appearances and camera resolutions. Battery life is one of the greater issues that a gaming phone with a high end processor would have, as it would take a lot of power to run it.

It is of my great interest to follow the development of this particular gadget. I would love to see the first gaming phone in the world, and I sure do hope that it would not suck.

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