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Noticed something peculiar around you? People wheeling an object with their fingers, in hopes of distracting their already distracted minds further away from their miserable yet “oh I’m doing great” lives.

Presenting to you…the fidget spinner, which has become quite the rage these days! You’ll see it everywhere; in classrooms, offices, trains, buses, shopping malls, parks, even in airplanes.

Ever wondered about how this cool toy came about? Although it has become popular recently this year, fidget spinners actually dates back to 1993. Catherine Hettinger, a US citizen from Orlando, Florida was on a visit to Israel when she heard about young boys throwing rocks at soldiers. A concerned Catherine began to rack her brains, thinking of an alternative for the children. Upon returning home to Orlando, she came up with the idea of the fidget spinner, almost two decades before the toy became the must-have for both kids and adults. Four years after she invented the toy, her patent was approved.

Hettinger, now in her 60s, says that the toy was made to promote peace. The patent for her device ended in 2005, which means that companies are now free to sell it independently. There are now different designs of the toy, with prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds. The toy was revamped to serve the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety to calm down people.

These toys can be seen more and more in schools now, used by children with autism and ADHD conditions. This has become a miraculous remedy to get kids to focus and concentrate better. However, schools are now calling for a ban of these spinners, because for students without a disability, it is just a toy, and those are never allowed in schools.

Growing up, we probably heard more about stress balls and saw them around a lot. Now, why don’t we give the fidget spinners a chance to help our fidgety fingers!

Happy fidgeting!


Sumaiya Hossain

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