Civilian 1: “ Weyhh, just to tell la, tomorrow I am not coming to class!”

Civilian 2: “ Ok ok ok, I’ll tick your name for you.”

Civilian 1: “Nice, thanks ah!”

p/s: you may have guessed, this is a conversation between two males as no kepoh (busybody) questions came up. I am a girl, so this is not an anti-feminism statement and please accept my dry jokes.

Okay back to the story.


Short Question.

Why Civilian 1 is absent the next day? Please provide your answer with no less than 350 words using the space below.


I think they forgot mention, “Please write your answers using super mini microscopic skinny handwriting”.

Anyhoo, since I am such a generous human being I shall share my answer to the question. I am pretty sure I am correct and IF I got it wrong, sorry but not sorry (your choice for copying me).

The answer: THE LAUNCHING OF THE NEW YEEZYS BOOST 9000!!!Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.43.59 PM

ooopss sorry, wrong photo, clearly that is not Malaysia *cough* wedontusuallylineup *cough* *cough*

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.44.15 PM

Somehow this photo feels much more familiar, feels like home.

Yes, this is the reason why. To those who are reading this and thinking that I am lying and exaggerating. I am sorry to say, but Fit Flops & Birkenstock are no longer in trend (which I am totally upset about it). We are going back to the era of ‘sneakers‘ are the dopest thing in the market. And yes, this is true.

Before the hype of Yeezys started, Michael Jordan’s shoes, which conveniently called the Jordans were the “in” thing. They are still, no doubt and people are willing to pay thousands and thousands of money for it. Trust me, I ain’t joking. A pair of Yeezy Boost could cost up to over $1000. After converting to MYR, that would be around RM 5000 or more (not gonna explain further why, but if you still want to know, “PM” me instead).

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.48.18 PM

Crazy isn’t it? Some people just can’t stop loving Kanye West and hence they are willing to give away their money just for his “art”. Ironic, but hey humans are unique right.

As I mentioned previously, before the Yeezys, there were the Jordans. Up until now, those shoes are still relevant in the fashion trend and they still have some major die-hard fans out there. The Jordans were supposed to be some sort of “basketball” shoes but slowly it became a fashion statement due to its exclusiveness. I am pretty sure you have seen the meme saying “ 9 pairs of air jordans, but unable to dribble a basketball”.

Image result for jordans meme

Back during those days, Jordans were the “it” thing. Chris Brown compared those sneakers to his love for a girl in his song ‘With You’.

Image result for with you lyrics chris brown

I am not gonna comment on the song further as it is my personal favourite but yeah, Jordans = Love of your life. Smart and wise move fo’ sure.

Image result for chrisbrown glasses

So now, please don’t be freaked out if someone goes berserk if you accidentally step on their super expensive shoes cause they sure have sacrificed their sweat & tears getting it. But nonetheless, I just want to add on that,

Nothing in this world defines who you are cause you are special in your way. Fashion is a great way to express your personality and it is true but you do not need to wear the most expensive shoes to be the coolest kind in town. Don’t let the item be you cause you need to be yourself.

Image result for fashion quotes

And then, you have those are like……

Image result for fashion quotes

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