We’re in a generation where everyone is rushing for almost everything.

To graduate as fast as you can.

To get a job as soon as possible.

To get a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner before you’re ‘too old.’

Though, if we all take a step back, aren’t we just stressing ourselves at the end of the day for something that will come eventually?

So why not take everything at your own pace?

Most people in Monash who are over the age of 22 before graduating feel uncomfortable telling people their age, and I’ve always wondered why?

Just because you’re older than the people you’re studying with doesn’t mean you’re worth less than them, nor does it mean that you’re behind.

You might’ve taken some time off from studying for work, to collect some money, or just to have a break for your own mental health. You have your reasons, there’s no shame, and if people judge you then it says a lot about them, doesn’t it?

There’s no need to rush for graduation, there’s no need to rush for a job, especially if your own happiness and mental health are at stake.

People also tend to rush into relationships, skipping the whole process of getting to actually know the person and regretting it when they realize they weren’t so compatible with their partner.

Though, when taken into consideration, it’s not always your fault.

Maybe you see your friends in happy relationships and you’re craving for something like that? Or your parents have been pressuring you to get a partner?

Who knows?

But rushing into relationships is not always good and it’s not good for certain people’s mental health as well.

When you’re flirting with someone and unsure of where things are heading, you could always take a step back and just let yourself breathe for a moment. There’s no need to get straight to it.

The world we live in now rushes into everything for materialistic things and forgets about things that matter:

Your happiness

Your mental health

Your bond with the people you love

Your memories and experiences

Even though it’s understandable; the whole wanting to get your life sorted out at an earlier age so that everything will turn out easier when you’re older.

Is that always the case? Because I don’t believe that faster is always better.

I believe that things will work out best when you go at your own pace.

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