Picture yourself on a scorching, hot day. You forgot or you don’t carry a water tumbler with you and you’ve been walking for hours using the canopy walk and your mouth is so dry, it is as if you have Xerostomia. When you finally reach the washroom, you notice, well, a water fountain. Your instincts urge you to take sip from the icy, cool water spurting from the nozzle of the dispenser. As you purse your lips to take that first sip you’re in dire need of, WAIT!

Did you notice something that everybody seemed to not?

“What is that?!” you exclaim as you immediately stand rooted to the ground with your mouth stuck in the widest ‘O’ shape. Shivers slowly trickles down your spine as you realise the conveniently located fountains — it’s right beside the loo.

“Have you not wondered why the water filters are always located next to the washrooms? Why are we so comfortable with drinking water from a source that’s directly next to a washroom, where people do their business. You back away from the water fountain so fast and from the expression from your face, I can tell that you look absolutely mortified. I just told you what really piqued almost everyone’s curiosity. They say curiosity killed the cat but hey, cats are believed to have 9 lives, no?

This isn’t the first time someone like me has wondered as to why the water fountains are usually located next to the washrooms. People have raised many queries and according to feedback given on the website ‘Quora’, the bitter truth is the bizarre position of the dispensers is to reduce the cost of construction and plumbing. If the ladies room was at one end of a hall and the gents room was at the other, long pipes would have to be installed. Instead, they are put near each other with the water fountains. This is quite similar as to how one’s bathroom and kitchen is back to back with each other in their home.

water fountain and filtration system

Learning this, do you shake your head at utter disgust?

Well, I do. I don’t care if plumbing costs hit the roof because at the end of the day, people would want to drink water and it should be from an area that feels clean and it wouldn’t mess with their thoughts with questions like “Am I drinking the same water that is filtered from the toilets?”

Personally, I think it is much better to just spend a dollar or two to buy bottled water from the vending machine instead since we do not know how clean the water is. In addition, God knows the amount of creepy crawlies that are lurking in the pipes or nozzle head of the dispenser. Imagine a lizard licking the nozzle from inside. Yes, it is such a cringing thought because what are the odds, right? I g0t goosebumps just thinking about it.

In a nutshell, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stop trusting your primitive instincts and just get that bottled water instead. No second thoughts and no excuses if you’re out of change. Just keep four 50-cent coins at the back of your jeans pocket and find a vending machine. I hope everyone has a great week ahead. Thank you. 🙂


water dispenser, a vending machine the toilets located next to each other


Editors’ Note: This post does not reflect RMM’s opinion as whole, but merely reflect the concerns of our writer

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