It’s currently Week 8!


it seriously still feels like Week 3 or something

I only have couple of weeks left before the semester ends. Where did the time go? Days definitely go by much faster when the sun sets at 5PM. Going straight to the point, here are my confessions as an exchange student in Clayton for the past 8 weeks.

#1: I have skipped classes because of how far it was.

Look, when your campus is built for over 30,000 people, you get a bit flabbergasted at the area size and start contemplating whether RUNNING for 10 minutes to your next lecture is actually worth it. Lectures aren’t even compulsory to attend, so… I mean, I attended all of my lectures (except maybe twice because I had research study appointments) because I don’t have the discipline to rewatch them after.

#2: There’s too much construction going on.

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Adding on to my first confession, there is literally so much construction going on in every corner of campus. They recently blocked off my path to where a bulk of my classes are held so now not only does that add another 5 minutes to my daily 20 minute walk, I now have to climb STAIRS. It’s terrible. Friends I’ve made who have been here for over 5 years mentioned that they don’t think there was ever a time where the Clayton campus had no ongoing construction whatsoever.

#3: There’s so much food choices but yet it’s still impossible to choose.

There’s literally every food option imaginable on campus. There are also other popular franchises that have branches on campus such as Pappa Rich, which somehow has a LINE to order food. It’s so strange and really a marvel to see sometimes. There’s food in almost every corner of the campus as well as in the Residence Halls that are open to everyone else.

#4: Your stamina will increase TENFOLD.

I went from being tired when walking from the BRT parking lot to my tutorial in Building 6, which would take me about 10 minutes max, to walking from my house all the way to my class which is a 20 minute walk on road, grass, uneven footpaths and still feel good enough as if I didn’t just take my own sweet time getting home. This still doesn’t include the time it takes to walk in-between classes if you have different unit disciplines. However, that’s still subjective because I have a music lecture in the Engineering building.

#5: You’ll finally understand all the references about the Australian campuses.

If you’re on Monash StalkerSpace or Ancora Memeparo, you’ll probably have heard of the Menzies building, HAL/Matheson Library, or the 24 hour Science Lounge. Now that you’re here, you can actually see these places or better yet, have classes here or have access to it! You’ll also be able to join in on all the foodie events amongst other cool happenings across all the campuses with free intercampus shuttles. Unfortunately, you may also experience the same things that the students are complaining about, like the revolving Menzies doors or public transport officers checking for valid Myki card (sort of like a Touch n’ Go for public transport, a.k.a Rapid Card) when using buses.

BONUS: Caulfield campus feels like home Sunway campus!

Tiny campus, majority of Asian students. There’s virtually no difference other than the fact it’s on a totally different continent. Although it is still significantly bigger than Sunway, it’s drastically smaller than Clayton which is already a huge decline. The only way I can describe Clayton to others who haven’t been able to come to the campus is “Sunway Pyramid x10”.

As much as I complain and rave about Clayton, I’m going to miss this place so much. Walking doesn’t feel as tiring (when you’re not late for class, that is) because the weather is so much cooler, as opposed to our hot and sweaty humid air in Malaysia.

Ash ❤

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