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“Whatever it takes.”

Whatever what takes? Why does this movie look so sad and gloomy? Well, Endgame is a product of 21 movies worth of story line leading up to this one final showdown. With a movie 10 years in the making, I suggest you go on a long movie marathon before continuing any further. Done? Great. Now to pick up where we last left off, the mad titan Thanos is sitting in his barn on another planet looking into the horizon while the Avengers and the rest of the world are left in defeat as they watch their loved ones turned to dust. So what happens next? If you’re looking for some further insight before going for the movie, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Let’s get into it…

The Big Six

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Once known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, now are separated and broken after taking such an L to the face. Keyword there ladies and gentlemen, separated. That was the whole flaw behind their plan in Infinity War, they went about it their whole way. Just like a relationship, without communication, it crumbles. With Tony and Cap separated and doing their own thing, they ultimately got their butt’s kicked. This is what must change in Endgame, before they can go about trying once again to save the universe, they must first set aside their differences and once again work as a team, with no man, woman, cyborg or damn raccoon left behind. Some foreshadowing of this can be seen in the trailers, if you look carefully, there is not a single scene in any trailer that shows the original six together in frame. That’s an indication that they need to ALL work together to succeed. With half of the Avengers turned to dust, the producers have confirmed that this movie will focus one the main six. So what other hints can we see by merely looking at the six in the trailers?

Tony Returns From A Long Vacation

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Tony has indeed come a long way since first stepping into the Iron Man suit. We see a weakened Stark floating in the spaceship accepting that he might just not make it. Remember, although he may be weakened by the lack of food and water, he still hasn’t fully treated the stab wound Thanos gave him. Not to mention the psychological effects of failing Spiderman. *moment of silence* This is a callback to the first Iron Man movie all those years ago, with the ship being his metaphorical cave. In order to escape and get home, he must once again turn into Angus freakin’ Macgyver. We see glimpses of him hard at work fixing the ship with the help of Nebula who seems to be sacrificing parts of her own robotic body to help, this is ultimately how they find their way home.

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Based on the trailers alone, we can make the assumption that the team has more than one encounter with Thanos throughout the movie. We see the Avengers inside the Guardian’s ship, the Benatar, which Tony and Nebula were suited up and ready for a fight. Anyone missing? Tony’s doesn’t seem to be with them. Once again going back to what I said earlier, unless all six members work together, they’ll only lose again. Which they probably do by the looks of it. A good assumption is that the Avengers probably encounter Thanos at least twice, once where they take the fight to him, without Tony and some other, lose and the other where Thanos comes to their doorstep and that’s when the final battle happens.

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We also see Tony later in his shiny new Mark 85 suit. Not only do the colours resemble that of his old suit in the comics, we can also notice that there is a jump between the number counts of his suit (the one used in Infinity War was his 55th), this suggests that while the Avengers took the fight to Thanos, he possibly stayed behind to get a whole of himself and also make a whole lot of upgrades.

Cap Goes Serious

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Every scene with Cap in it shows him being in a serious, no more mistakes tone. He even swears for the first time. Not much can be indicated from the trailers about Steve Rogers or even his fate, he does however back-up Captain Marvel to go after Thanos the first time.

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Captain Marvel is the one who makes the suggestion to take the fight to Thanos with some of the team members like War Machine and Bruce Banner advising against it. We see her proudly claim that they wouldn’t lose just because they have her this time. Little does she know, Thanos may have something to fight her with. The producers of the movie stated that for the first time, we’ll actually get to see one of Captain Marvel’s weaknesses during that fight, which makes her as vulnerable as any other member. Steve does still agree with her to go and we see Capt. Marvel take the lead, showing some sense of what the future holds as the role of leader changes hands.

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We do also get a glimpse of Tony and Cap finally making amends as Cap tells him that he trusts Tony. It is also a fresh look to see Cap in the Quantum Suit rather than his tradition suits. Those suits are the ones that all the members where with the white and red colours, the reason for this as the producers pointed out was also due to the Avengers never being seen in matching outfits like a traditional team would so they wanted to change that. What are these suits for you ask? Well, this ties into what we learnt from Antman and the Quantum Realm. We know that at the end of Antman, he goes into the Realm and gets stuck there because the ones responsible of bringing him back out get dusted however, we see him alongside the Avengers in the trailer which shows that he eventually makes it back. Although we don’t get any scenes of this, the Avengers will then get the idea to use the Realm to go across time and space as part of their plan.

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The Two Heavy Hitters?

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Thor and Hulk. Thor obviously blames himself for not finishing the job when he had the chance which also affects him psychologically while Hulk still refuses to come out. We even see Thor start dressing like he’s homeless, sad. Thor may play a big part in rallying up some troops as he could possible go off to find what remains of Asgard. It has been confirmed that Valkyrie, who helped the remaining Asgardians get away, survived the Snap so that would mean Thor eventually meets up with her and as king asks them to fight.

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There has also been confirmation that Hulk would eventually manifest but in a different way. In the comics, there is an arc where the Hulk manifests but Bruce’s mind still stays intact, forming Professor Hulk. Basically a smart Hulk. Personally, I think this doesn’t happen until at least the second half of the movie. Possibly when Thanos comes for them, he causes massive destruction at the Avenger’s base where Banner comes into contact with the blast which forces Hulk to manifest.

Widow’s Hair Colour and Hawkeye Losing More Than His Hair

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Black Widow’s hair can be used as indicator to chart the timeline of the scenes in the trailer. At the end of Infinity War, we see that Natasha’s hair is still short and blonde. The blonde in her hair is still present during the start of Endgame, and is still blonde but slightly longer when she’s with them on the way to confront Thanos. However there are also some scenes where we see her with her red hair, which logically speaking would mean that it happens later in the movie.

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Hawkeye’s character transitions to a different persona he has in the comics, Ronin. We see in the scene where Widow finds him in Tokyo after killing the Japanese mobsters, possible called Yakuza, that he has ditched the bow and arrow and now uses a sword with an outfit that makes him look like a samurai. This is probably the persona he takes after his whole family perishes because of the Snap, which pushes him past his limits. Thankfully, we get to see him back with his main weapon later on. May I also say, he looks pretty sick with the new haircut.

What Now?

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Now, we wait. The movie will definitely play with your emotions and leave you on the edge of your seats until Cap says it for the final time… “Avengers, assemble!” (I really hope he does). I believe that this movie will without a doubt be a blockbuster, with tickets already sold out for premiere night. All I can say is, make sure to be there on time, silent your phones, make sure you’re watching it with the right people, pay attention to every scene and most importantly, do. not. buy. food. and. drinks. The movie is 3 hours long and you cannot risk a toilet break.

Be sure to catch Avengers: Endgame in cinemas 24th April 2019.

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