Here’s a question to ponder over – Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat?

Personally, I fall into the latter categoryenhanced-buzz-23015-1354216910-2 and I’m sure quite a few of you’ll do too. Honestly, amidst the stress of assignments, the all-nighters we sometimes have to pull and the growing panic of weeks passing by (Week 7 already?), the only solace in all of this is the comfort of food. While campus food is great (ahem, ahem), it’s only human nature to venture out into the outside world (or the rest of Subang Jaya, at least), in search of some mouth-watering bites. Well, fret not. Like the joy of having your tutorial question already answered on Yahoo Answers, I’ve set below a list of some great places to grab a quick bite between classes (or naps).

Numero Uno

Oh Scooter Cafe

If fun, quirky, and original falls into your dictionary, then head on over to this joint. Coffee poured over cotton candy is just one of their specialities. If the variety of food offerings doesn’t beckon to you, then the fun interior certainly will!

Numero Dos

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe

Forget waiting in line in McDonalds, trying to grab the latest hello kitty toy that comes with a happy meal…Instead head over to this quaint cafe in Sunway Pyramid to relive your childhood fantasies in the real world, with its French style decor, intricately decorated dishes, and cutesy interiors.

Numero Tres

Thyme Out

If assignments are starting to bog you down and you just need a little thyme out (ha ha), then this cafe/food truck is right up your alley. Mexican food served into the wee hours of the night? Whats not to love? Must-Eat-All-The-Food-Meme

Numero Cuatro

Miss Rose

This had to be on the list, for sure. We’ve all seen those instagram posts which feature the rose shaped ice-cream cones, and while it may seem like such a foreign concept…we have it right here in KL! Head on over to Miss Rose to taste their delicious gelato with a horticultural twist.

Numero Cinco

Underground Societe

While the name may sound intimidating, the food is certainly not! Fresh, aromatic and new, the menu in this cafe is made to enhance your tastebuds. From a spicy Jamaican salsa to an Egyptian inspired broth, you’ve got the best of cuisines right at your fingertips. Positive vibes, positive vibes…

food-status-quotes-short-messages-for-whatsapp-facebookThis list is by no means exhaustive (well, neither is my hunger), so while I go around on the hunt for some more eateries around KL, check these restaurants out, if you haven’t already.

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