There has never been such a compatible union.

Italy and Malaysia do not have a lot in common, especially in cuisine. Italian cuisine has travelled even to Malaysia, despite its foreign flavour. Some have tried incorporating Malaysian delight into foreign cuisine – but none has taken it this far. The union of durian and pizza – although unforeseen – is deliciously pleasant. The one accountable for this eccentric pizza is a local pizza shack, U Pizzeria.

Established in April 2015, U Pizzeria’s first outlet opened in USJ 21, Subang Jaya. Afterwards, they opened their first branch in Seri Manjung, Perak.

Durian-coloured sign... I think we're in the right place

Durian-coloured sign… I think we’re in the right place

They boast an eccentric specialty – pizza topped with Musang King durian, pineapple and cheese. But why?

“Durian is a famous local fruit, and a lot of Malaysians love durians. During R&D, we tried a lot of other fruits like longan and lychee. but we concluded that only the durian taste complimented the pizza flavour. We had a dessert pizza with banana and longan, but the durian pizza was designed to be the main course.”

That was Edwin, USJ 21 branch manager. His story of how they came up with the durian pizza mesmerized me:

“During R&D, we really liked the durian pizza. When we love a product, we launch it. For durian, you usually eat in dessert – in cold form. But you’d never try ‘hot’ durian. If you imagine pizza and durian, you could not. But when you try, the taste compliments each other. A lot of customers come here just for the durian pizza. In terms of advertising or marketing, we couldn’t compete with the big players, so we try to separate our product from them. The durian pizza is our core product. One of our first customers wrote to us in Facebook, saying that the durian musang king is nice. We received positive responses so far.”

Ignore the typo – the pizza’s too good

As the brainchild of a US- and UK-trained Malaysian, they truly live up to their vision to mash pizza and local delight together. Another of their ‘experiment’ is their other specialty, Sambal Api pizza. Topped with red onion, chicken sausage and ikan bilis with sambal sauce and cheese, you might get hints of nasi lemak flavour.

“If you really like spicy food, I’d recommend Sambal Api. For me, it is too spicy. But when we decreased the spicyness, there was not enough oomph.”

Sambal Api pizza – with anchovies. A LOT of anchovies. and sambal

Quality wise, they are not your usual neighbourhood pizza. In each pizza, there are at least two types of cheese used. The doughs are freshly prepared daily, as told by Edwin.

“Compared to other franchises, our dough is not frozen. For taste and crispiness, you can feel the difference.”

and of course, a lot of choices for toppings

Their competitive edge is not just their pizzas; they aim high for customer satisfaction.

“Our target delivery time is 30 minutes. We have our own riders, so your pizza would be delivered personally by us. We deliver up to 10 km from our outlet. We calculated the timing; 10 minutes for the pizza, 20 minutes for delivery. We try to deliver to the customer as fast as we can. We always aim for 100% 30-minute delivery rate. We look up to the big players in terms of customer experience, how they treat their customers. If we see that it’s good and can be applied to ours, we incorporate it to our service.”

Not only that, they just released their membership program. If you join the membership, you would get ‘buy 1 free 1’ all year long. At the moment, the membership is free of charge.


They have outside tables too!


 To order, go to: OR

U Pizzeria can be found with the address below.

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