It’s already Week 9 out of 12!

Are you on the verge of flunking or already failing some units? Contemplating on breaking a limb or two just to apply for special consideration? Well, you’ve come to the wrong right place! As a student who somehow manages to get distinctions and credits while close to NEVER studying, here’s what I do on a daily basis that somehow gives me grades that I want!


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What storm you ask? I’m talking about the waves of assignments and presentations that all seem to have due dates during the same week. I am a personal advocate of the motto “due date is the do date” and 60% of the time, I still get acceptable grades. Although I do not recommend this to anyone, it works sometimes because the sheer pressure alone makes you work faster and more efficiently somehow. If all else fails, just send an e-mail to your lecturer saying you’ve got other assignments due the same time and that you wouldn’t be giving your best work as you’re trying to balance out the time taken to complete them!



Caffeinated drinks never worked on me and I never liked coffee in anything, from Starbucks frappes to tiramisu. However, after spending a lot of time with a certain current radio announcer and watching them buy coffee almost every single day, it persuaded encouraged me to try coffee from Mad Alchemy, the coffee stall outside Audi 1. About 8 cups later (and RM62 down the drain… if you catch my drift), I found myself actually liking it. It could be the placebo effect that makes me think I’ll be more awake, but it was actually bearable. Coffee still doesn’t work on me but sometimes I just drink it at night to convince myself to pull through the countless all-nighters spent doing my assignment (most of the time, at the last minute).



rest in peace JK, it’s not too late! It’s only week 9 and chances are you still have some quizzes, major assignments and finals due soon. Give it your all for those. It might sound cliché but at this point, you really should. Unless you want to actually give yourself a concussion just to apply for special consideration, at least consider doing something to save your grades. I don’t think you’d want to spend another RM4000-5000 and another semester in university because of a failed unit. Visit your lecturers and tutors! I’m sure they’d be pleased to see you do something to try to improve yourself although it’s quite far in to the semester.

In the end, everyone learns and copes differently! I can’t speak for all students and there is nothing else I can actually say other than try to study. I personally don’t require any prior studying since everything is just readings and watching documentaries but it’s still as time-consuming as studying with slides trying to remember terms and stuff.

Good luck for the 4th quarter of the semester!



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