I was running, running from a fear I was not quite aware of. The feeling of my heart pulsating throughout my body made me feel alive. I was not quite clear on where I was but I could smell the fresh after rain smell of the droplets penetrating into the mud, and long black shadows of pine trees and trees of all sort surrounded me. Tum.. tum.. tim.. tum.. my footsteps created a melody, it was as if the melody made my legs move, I felt a slight press on my shoulder and as my eyes widened and my eyelids separated I saw my wife’s shadow in front of me, she said “honey, why is Dimitry calling you at 4 in the morning,” half asleep I ignored my wife and picked up the phone lazily from my wife’s arms and replied “Hello,” Dimitry my accountant on the other line sounded heavy as he breathed right into the phone he whispered in a serious tone “ Aleksei all your bank accounts have been frozen, the tax inspection will be coming to your house to check valuable items they may be able to take away from you,” my eyes widened and for that moment I felt as alive as I was in my dream, with my heart practically banging on my body to leave. I did not understand what was going on, I did my duty on paying my taxes and debts, however I did not understand whether I was being punished for the works of my shareholder who was my neighbour and childhood best friend, I highly doubted this would be his wrongdoing, therefore I assumed it was some sort of misunderstanding. I ignored Dimitry just like I ignored my wife, hung up the call and left my phone on the nightstand. The whole night passed by with my thoughts practically running through time, sleep seemed impossible. I picked up my phone from my nightstand again checked the time it was 8 am. The king-sized bed was placed in the middle of a 700 metered room, filled with tip-top furniture all made and exported from Italy. The headboard had a York shape with a velvet ashy shade with 60-buttoned white pearls. In front was a panoramic window taking up the shape of a wall.

I slowly wiggled to my left to see my beloved wife deep asleep and drooling away her dreams. I sat up straight on the bed with my feet dangling under the lushes antique seventeenth-century Persian rug, which I won at an auction. I slide my feet into my Burberry vintage slippers customized with my name on it and walked out into the lift into the first floor, where the kitchen was. As the lift beeped on arrival to the first floor I started dialling my best friend, the whilst the phone beeped one of the maids came up to me and said “sorry sir for disturbing you at such a moment, but there are some men at the door and they are asking whether or not the could talk to you,” I replied in curiosity “let them in and guide them to the kitchen,” I walked towards my marble dining table which was right across the lift and took a seat at the area where my coffee and breakfast was prepared like the usual way I liked. My breakfast was always the same it was a long black, with omelettes and mushrooms. I took a seat and started sipping on my coffee these tall men walked in with the maid behind them. I greeted them with a polite “zdrastvuite,” and pointed at the chairs as a way to offer them a seat. They sat down and we got to business the moment they started speaking, they started off asking my about my loans and taxations which haven’t been paid for my business company. Since me and my shareholder do a monthly payment in turns it was his turn to pay and I was fairly confused on why I was being pestered on about this. As the men that just came in they request my permission to “confiscate” my possessions, which could be of value to compensate for not paying as said. I declined their permission and offered them to pay them off as all the workers in Russia were corrupt as it was. I called Dimitry requested him to bank in 20 thousand dollars into their bank accounts, Dimity hesitated for a second took a deep breath and said, sir you only have 500 dollars in your account the rest is all frozen.
I promptly hang up the call, and call my neighbour he finally answers with a “Hello brodyaga,” I start to shout over the phone “ Gde ti bil! What is this nalagovya in my house requesting to confiscate my items and my bank accounts are frozen, why haven’t you paid the loans and taxation,” he replies carelessly “ I am sorry friend, but it is not my problem now, deal with it.” That moment my stomach turns and an instant cold passes by me, I realize I have been bankrupt and cheated by my own best friend.

I leave my uninvited guests, take the lift back to the fourth floor of the bedroom and put some clothes on, I open my safe and pull out a vintage m36 gun tuck it in my pants, and quickly into the lift and to the ground floor, where I quickly run out for a jog to my neighbours house. I get to his house, I knock on his door and request to speak to him, I led in by his maid and meet him in his dark office smelling of leather and cigars. I pull out my gun, point it at him and plead him to tell me why he has done that to me, and why has he betrayed me like that. He looks me straight in the eye and replies “money is money it changes people,” I pull the trigger and the bullet flies straight into his forehead, headshot! He was dead. I get scared and start running away out from his office outside into the cold winter breeze, I get welcomed by the rain and tall trees just like my dream I start running and seeking for shelter where I know I can be safe and can try to find a resolution. As running through the woods, I come across an isolated 2 story summerhouse guarded my wooden fence. I jump across the fence with my legs practically dead from the jog; I help my self into the living room by breaking their glass window. I make it safely into the house and I take a seat on the soft white couch they had, I wrap my cold body with a furry blanket they had on the couch as décor. That moment I realize there is no going back now and that they will find me anytime soon, as I sit there quickly trying to come up with a solution, I un-tuck the heavy metal from my pants which was the reason of the first murder. I lift the heavy metal up to my head and bang. I was gone into eternal darkness.

The betrayal of my best friend was the end of me.

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